Sun Jar: Stores sunshine in a jar.

Sun Jar Sunshine Storage System

Solar cell technology allows this jar to glow all night long.

This item has been discontinued.

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The Sun Jar captures sunshine during the day and fights Lex Luthor from dusk 'til dawn. And by fights Lex Luthor, we mean glows. The Sun Jar includes a solar cell, battery, and LED lights.

During the day, simply store the frosted-glass Sun Jar near a bright window. It will collect and store enough power to glow brightly all night long. A light sensor prevents the Sun Jar from glowing in brightly lit rooms.

Features & specs

  • 6" tall x 4" wide x 4" deep
  • Frosted glass jam jar
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • On/off switch
  • Charge time: 3 hours for a full charge
  • Glow time: 6 hours on a full charge
  • Watertight lid

Self-contained sunshine collection and storage system

The Sun Jar feeds on sunshine all the livelong day. Simply camp it out by a bright window and it'll collect enough power so that it can function as:

  • a night light
  • an outdoor lantern
  • ambient decor
  • an emergency light in the case emergency!

Sun Jar Sunshine Storage System
Storing the Sun Jar in a brightly lit area charges it up for use at night.

The magic of a solar cell in a traditional, frosted-glass jar

The Sun Jar packs all of its magical goodies underneath its lid. Crack it open to access the on/off switch. There's also a light-sensitive eye so that the Sun Jar won't waste all its energy by glowing unnoticed in the middle of a Saharan hotspell. The fancy, blue grid-like pattern is the solar cell.

Sun Jar diagram

Use the Sun Jar as a deck lantern

You could leave the Sun Jar outdoors all day long and when night rolls around, it will provide the perfect ambient glow for a nighttime meal. The waterproof seal on the lid allows you to leave the Sun Jar outside permanently.

Sun Jar as a lanternSun Jar on a fence post

The Sun Jar can store more than just sunshine!

The Sun Jar, let's not forget, is a storage jar. So, feel free to toss in candy bars, M&Ms, Caramellos (sooo good), and any other snack that you may enjoy munching on while cradling the Sun Jar during a power outage.

Sun Jar Sunshine Storage Jar can hold all sorts of goodies.
Store sunshine and candy! Awwwesome.

Dear Vat19, why shouldn't I just buy a candle?

Go stand in a corner. Facing the wall. OK, we'll admit, that was harsh and we're sorry. Plus, we're positive there's some fancy, Madison Avenue maxim that states, "thou shalt not demand your customers stand in a corner and face the wall unless thou seeks horrible sales volume". There's probably another maxim that states, "Thou shalt not make fun of other items you sell, such as candles."

So, we'll level with you: If you're interested in a portable, self-sustaining lighting system that provides a pleasant, warm glow, you're not going to go wrong with candles. They are pretty awesome.

But, if you ever wished your candle would turn itself on when it gets dark, the Sun Jar is for you. Or if you've ever stumbled around searching for a match in the middle of the dark, check out the Sun Jar. What about being able to quickly and safely move a lit candle? Sun Jar, baby! Ever fallen asleep or left the house with a candle burning? No more worries with the Sun Jar as it uses LEDs. What about dripping hot wax on that special friend? Yeah, that's still better with a candle.

But, remember, it's not an either/or proposition. You can buy our candles and a Sun Jar. In fact, we encourage it! So, please purchase a Sun Jar so we know you're not still mad at us about the whole standing in a corner thing.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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