Swingy Thing: Super-challenging Spinning Toy
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Swingy Thing

Can you master this devilish handheld spinning toy?

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Test your logic and hand-eye coordination with the kinetic puzzle that will keep your head spinning! The Swingy Thing is a pendulum game with 52 unique challenges that will baffle you in an entirely new way!

Swingy Thing has 6 independent wood pieces and your goal is to spin one or some of the pieces around the rod while leaving the rest of the pendulums stationary. Yeah, it's mega difficult.

To get the correct pieces to swing around, you’re going to have to rely on feel, momentum, and patience. Be careful; as soon as you start to get the correct wooden loop swinging, you may have started another piece on the opposite side of the rod.

With so many different variations on the game, you’ll never tire of this addictive desk piece. Once you’ve mastered some of the easier levels, step up your swingin’ skills and try the Hypno Twirl and send one piece swinging forward while another swings backward!

Features & specs

  • Pendulum desk game
  • 52 challenges
  • Materials: wood and metal
  • Stand included

Get your head spinning by swinging

Most puzzles are simple; find the solution and solve it. The Swingy Thing doesn’t have solutions you can write down or put on YouTube. You just kind of have to feel it.

The Swingy Thing presents 52 different challenges that are difficult to achieve yet relaxing to try. There isn’t a race against the clock, and you won’t have to reset a bunch of game pieces. Just clear your mind and start swingin’.

Pro tip: small up and down movements coupled with small forward and backward movements are your friends when tackling the Swingy Thing challenges.

Try to swing certain pieces around the metal rod to complete each challenge.
It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing.

Swing low (difficulty) or high!

At a glance, you might not see that that the Swingy Thing packs 52 unique challenges! And each challenge gets progressively more difficult.

Get into the swing of things by pivoting a single wooden piece around the metal rod running through the middle while simultaneously keeping all other pieces perfectly still. Once you’ve mastered the single piece swing in a challenge like the “Full Moon”, you can step up to a harder challenge like the “Black Hole”, where you need to spin several pieces... in opposite directions!

52 different challenges are possible with the Swingy Thing
Try the mind blowing “Big Bang”!

Every swingle thing you need is in the box.

Everything you need to begin playing is included in the box.

A large fold-out graphical chart will guide you through all 52 challenges from “Earth Blast Off” to the “Big Bang”. The metal stand will keep the Swingy Thing propped up for display when you’ve finally managed to put it down.

Stand, game, and instructions are included in the box.
Display and play!

Question: What if I can’t solve one of the challenges? How do I get help?

Answer: There are no solutions that can be described. You really just need to open your mind, be patient, and eventually you’ll get it.

Question: Can I cheat by swinging one of the pieces with my hand?

Answer: While you could try to take the easy way out, we have found trying to cheat doesn’t work. You really need the right amount of motion and momentum to complete each challenge.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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