The Wallet Pen: Hand-made, sterling silver pen fits comfortably into any wallet.
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The Sterling Silver Wallet Pen

Hand-made, sterling silver 3-inch pen fits comfortably into any wallet.

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The Wallet Pen is a three-inch sterling silver life-saver. The small hand-crafted pen is designed to fit snugly and discretely in the crease of your wallet so that it's always handy.

Although many of our cell phones feature a 'note' function, your cell phone can't endorse a check or cross off items on your grocery list.

The Wallet Pen has been featured as one of Oprah's favorite things. We suppose that means every person in the world is now required to buy one (wink, wink). Includes one black replacement cartridge and is packaged in an attractive gift box. Hand-made in Vermont featuring a lifetime guarantee.

Features & specs

  • 3" long
  • Hand-crafted in Vermont
  • Made of sterling silver
  • One black replacement ink cartridge is included
  • Comes in an attractive gift box (color varies)
  • Lifetime guarantee

Always have a pen handy

The Wallet Pen is an incredible gift (for you or someone else) because it's useful and astonishingly well-made. There's a reason it made it onto Oprah's Favorite Things list. Actually, there are probably several reasons: it's functional, hand-made in Vermont from sterling silver, and includes a replacement cartridge. It also comes in an attractive gift box.

By clipping The Wallet Pen into your wallet, you're always assured of having a pen handy.

The Wallet Pen is a small pen you can keep in your wallet
With The Wallet Pen, you'll always have a pen handy.

Hand-made from sterling silver with a lifetime guarantee

The manufacturer of The Wallet Pen believes so strongly in the quality of their product that they back it with a lifetime guarantee. After having tested it, we don't think they're going to get a lot of requests for replacements. The design is timeless and the construction is sturdy and tough. It can easily handle the abuse of living in your wallet or purse.

The Wallet Pen lifetime guarantee
The three-inch-long sterling silver Wallet Pen is backed by a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.

We know it's the 21st century, but pens are still useful!

We're aware that most of you have a cell phone that can watch videos, perform stock trades, and make cappuccinos, but that doesn't mean pens are useless. To prove this, we've made a list of scenarios where a pen is quite useful.

  • Endorsing a check. Ever pull up to the ATM to deposit Aunt Sally's birthday check and scramble to find a pen so you can endorse it? Yeah, your $5500 cell phone / lawnmower combo can't help you out now, can it?
  • Signing a birthday card. If you're like us, you've picked up the birthday card on the way to the birthday party. With the Wallet Pen, you'll be able to sign it.
  • Filling out a credit card receipt for takeout. How many times has the delivery driver handed you the food and said, "Got a pen?" With the Wallet Pen, you can sign the slip without having to scrounge around for a pen in the junk drawer while watching the driver out of the corner of your eye.
  • Taking down a note while on the phone. Kind of hard to use that "note-taking" feature of your cell phone while talking on it, isn't it? With the Wallet Pen, you can jot down phone numbers, directions, or the name of the customer service rep who is giving you the run-around.
  • Managing your grocery list. Cross off items as you go. Trust us, this is easier than editing a note on your PDA.
  • Filling out forms at the post office. Yes, they're supposed to have a pen attached to the table. But, when was the last time you went to the post office and there weren't already 25 people in line waiting to use the pen? We're not germophobes, but seriously, that pen is probably a biological weapon.

The Wallet Pen in action
Jot down notes about the obnoxious salesman you just met with The Wallet Pen.

You won't lose The Wallet Pen

The Wallet Pen's small size makes it convenient for storage in your wallet or purse. However, a pen that clips onto something is really only as good as the clip, right? How many cheap pens have you thrown away or simply lost because the clip became bent or broke off? Probably a lot.

You won't have that problem with The Wallet Pen. The clip is actually molded into the top of the pen itself. You would need a pair of pliers and a vise to bend this clip.

The Wallet Pen has an incredibly strong clip
You'll never lose The Wallet Pen because its clip is molded into the top of the pen itself.

Comes with a replacement ink cartridge refill

Each Wallet Pen comes with a total of two ink cartridges. They are both black ink.

The Wallet Pen comes with one black ink refill cartridge
The Wallet Pen comes with one extra black ink cartridge.

Attractive gift packaging

If you're giving The Wallet Pen as a gift, the recipient will surely enjoy the attractive packaging. If you're keeping it for yourself, you can sing a little, "Happy Birthday to Me" as you unwrap it. Please note that the gift box color varies.

The Wallet Pen is a great gift for men
The Wallet Pen's attractive gift box makes it the perfect gift.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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