Tiki Toss Tabletop Edition: Tabletop hook-the-ring skill game.
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Tiki Toss Tabletop Edition

Tabletop hook-the-ring skill game.

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You don't have to host a luau to have a blast playing Tiki Toss. In this tabletop skill game, you toss (or precisely release) a small metal hoop tied to a tower.

With the right angle and force, your ring will swing toward the base of the tower and get hooked on the attached grapple. It’s a simple concept that requires skill, focus, consistency, and the speed to do it before your competitors.

Up to four competitors can play simultaneously on this tower that requires only a flat surface to play. Give Tiki Toss a swing, and you'll be hooked!

Features & specs

  • Hand-eye skill game
  • Hook your ring to score
  • Real-time tabletop fun for up to four players
  • Collapsible apparatus for portability and storage
  • Approximate dimensions: 2' x 2' x 2' (61 cm x 61 cm x 61 cm)

Ring toss

Tiki Toss Tabletop Edition brings the luau to your living room.

Set the tower on a table, grab a ring, and give it a flick of the wrist. Skillfully parking the metal loop on the hook attached to the base takes accuracy, precision, and patience. But sinking a ring is surely cause to take a sip of your mai tai.

Get hooked!

Portable play

Tiki Toss's sturdy tower ingeniously folds up for easy storage and maximum portability.

To get the game going, press the button at the top of the tower to simultaneously extend all four arms. Then give the canopy of the tower a small twist to lock it into place. Raise the tower to full height, grab some friends, and get playing!

Demonstrating how to open the arms of the Tiki TossHand twisting top mechanism to lock arms into place.Hands extending the tower of the Tiki Toss.Portable party game: open the arms, twist to lock, extend the tower, take your toss!
It's like Transformers made a skill game.

Terrific tower

We can't guarantee you'll win the game, but if you bring out Tiki Toss, you're sure to win game night.

Suitable for 1, 2, 3, or 4 players, the simple game mechanics offer plenty of ways to play while remaining challenging and fun. You can also adjust the length of string on each ring independently to handicap pros or help newbies.

1-4 players; Collapsible design; Adjustable string length
It's a game night ringer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are the cords adjustable?

Answer: Yes, you can increase or decrease the length of each cord independently to make it easier or harder for each player.

Question: What is it made from?

Answer: Tiki Toss Tabletop Edition tower is primarily made of plastic with some metal structural elements. The cord is nylon and the hooks and rings are metal.

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