USB LED Desk Lamp: USB light with 7 LEDs
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USB LED Desk Lamp

Flexible USB lamp features 7 super-bright LED bulbs.

This item has been discontinued.

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This mini, flexible USB desk lamp is perfect for late night computing sessions. The seven super-bright LED bulbs will never burn out and all you need is a USB port for power.

Unlike some USB gadgets that don't feature on/off buttons, the USB Desk Lamp smartly includes one. We've never understood some of these products that would require you to crawl underneath your desk to turn off your USB powered fondue pot.

A nicely weighted base ensures this USB desk light won't fall over.

Features & specs

  • Seven LED bulbs that will never burn out
  • On/off switch
  • Approx. 7.25" flexible neck
  • Entire unit is 10.5" tall
  • Works on any computer with a USB port
  • Approx. 33" long USB cable

Late night computing was never so much fun!

Simply plug the USB Desk Lamp into any USB port on your computer and enjoy glorious LED illumination. We use it when we're scouring the web for new products.

USB LED Desk Lamp is great for late night computing.
With this USB light, illumination is only a USB port away!

Try aiming the USB lamp up at your face (it gives you that scary horror movie look) and see how your co-workers respond. You'll also need to turn off all the lights in your office to make this work. I'm sure the boss won't mind. Tell him that you simply pay extremely close attention to detail, even when goofing off.

Seven LED bulbs provide serious USB light

USB Desk Lamp includes seven LED bulbs, making it a very bright USB light.
Since LED bulbs never need to be replaced and there are seven in this USB light, you're basically ensuring illumination forever.

There's nothing worse than having your desk lamp burn out on you late at night. You have to get up and go all the way down to the kitchen and try to find a new bulb. You finally get one, go back upstairs, and realize that the bulb you grabbed is the wrong size! Won-der-ful.

This will never happen with the USB Desk Lamp. It features seven LED bulbs, which means they'll NEVER burn out.

Super-flexible neck gives you that "Let There Be Light" power

Simply plug this lamp into any USB port on your computer and bask in the warm glow of self-satisfaction from having purchased the ultimate USB desk light.  Its weighted base, magnificently flexible neck, and bright illumination make it ideal for lighting up your desk...and for twisting its neck into odd shapes.

USB Desk Lamp features a flexible neck and on/off switch.
The flexible neck, weighted base, and convenient on/off switch of the USB Desk Lamp.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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