USB Desktop Fan: Powerful USB desk fan with flexible neck
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USB Desktop Fan with optional battery power

Powerful USB desk fan with flexible neck and foam blades.

This item has been discontinued.


At Vat19, we love us some USB desk fans. And this USB Desktop Fan is the Cadillac of USB desk fans. It's very powerful in terms of wind speed (think Category 4 desktop hurricane) and features an ample five-foot cord, a flexible neck, soft foam blades, optional battery power, and an on/off switch.

The USB Desk Fan does not oscillate. Why? Because desks are covered in things like important paperwork that you don't need to be chasing around like a crazed chipmunk.

Features & specs

  • 10.5" tall x 5" diameter base
  • Powerful USB desk fan
  • Flexible neck
  • Foam blades for safety
  • 4.5 foot long USB cable
  • Optional battery power via 4 AA batteries (not included)

Stay cool as a cucumber with this powerful USB desk fan

The USB Desk Fan is our most powerful USB table fan. Although it packs a powerful punch, this desk fan features a small footprint (only 5" diameter).

Despite its powerful cooling capabilities, the USB Desk Fan is very quiet.  It's not going to distract you or require you to pump up your Air Supply tunes to a deafening volume in order to drown out the fan.

USB Desk Fan is more powerful than most USB desk fans.
The USB Desk Fan is our most powerful USB table fan.
And yes, that's our LEGO® keychain on the table. Bam! Cross promo.

Soft foam blades

Like any quality USB table fan, the USB Desk Fan features safe fan blades. These soft, flexible, foam blades allow you to enjoy cool air without worrying about losing a finger.

USB Desk Fan features soft, flexible foam blades.
The soft and flexible foam blades of the USB Desktop Fan ensure a safe cooling environment.

The anatomy of "the Cadillac of USB desk fans"

Featuring a flexible neck, powerful foam blades, and a 4.5 foot long USB cable, this compact desk fan will keep you cool all day long. 

The USB Desk Fan is the cadillac of USB desk fans.

Portable desktop cooling via the battery compartment

You can optionally power the USB Desk Fan with 4 AA batteries (not included). Thus, the fan can run without a USB connection, but we suggest you don't change its name when running on battery power...that would just confuse it.

USB Table Fan with optional AA battery compartment
Take your USB Desk Fan wherever hot air needs cooling
(such as your next performance evaluation meeting).

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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