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The Wooden Necktie

Necktie made from the redwood beams of an old barn.

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The Wooden Necktie is a flexible, lightweight tie that is literally made from wood. No joke. Each Wood Tie is made by hand using reclaimed redwood beams from old barns.

An elastic band on the back of the tie holds together the eleven wood segments, which allows the Wood Tie to hang naturally. You can even comfortably toss it over your shoulder.

Hand made in the USA. Fits any size neck.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions:21" x 2.75" (at widest point) x 0.25"
  • Made by hand in the USA
  • Material: Reclaimed wood from old barns
  • Segmented pieces ensure natural hang and contour
  • Adjustable to fit any neck size

Watch our The Wooden Necktie video

It's a tie. Made from wood!

This ain't no goofy fish tie. This is the anti-fish tie. Those novelty ties do nothing but scream, "Look at me! I'm awkward in social situations!"

The Wood Tie doesn't scream; it doesn't burst into the room and demand attention. But eventually, people will notice your curiously awesome necktie and they'll want to touch it. And you can let them—this upcycled gem has been sanded real smooth.

The Recycled Wood Neck Tie
The unique Wood Tie is sure to be noticed.

Each handmade wooden necktie is unique, made in USA

Because every Wood Tie is cut, sanded, and assembled by hand from reclaimed wood, each one is unique. Therefore, the grain patterns and color will vary slightly from tie to tie.

You might even get one with an old nail hole or an interesting knot in it. The handmade character is what makes these Wood Ties so awesome.

Wood Ties are made by hand in the USA.
Each Wood Tie is made by hand in the USA.

Conforms like cloth due to segmented design

The Wood Tie is not a single piece of wood. That would be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous when trying to sit down.

Rather, the Wood Tie is composed of about a dozen wood segments strung together on a long piece of elastic. This bestows the Wood Tie with a great deal of flexibility so it doesn't stab you in the thigh, even if you sit down quickly. You can even fling this tie over your shoulder while eating.

Wood Ties are lightweight and flexible.
The lightweight Wood Tie only weighs about 2.5 ounces (70 grams).

Upcycled from old redwood beams

Wood Ties are made using the discarded wood beams from old barns. They are chopped, drilled, sanded, varnished, and assembled into the beautiful Wood Tie.

Wood Ties are made from reclaimed wood from old barns.
The Wood Tie is manufactured from old barn wood.

Comfortable elastic fits any size neck

The Wood Tie isn't a clip-on. It's a slip-on. Just slip the elastic band over your head and cinch it up to your neck. If any excess elastic hangs beyond the bottom of the tie, you can tie it up or snip it off.

The elastic band makes the one-size-fits-all Wood Tie possible.
Due to its elastic band, the Wood Tie will fit any size neck.

Looks great on the farmer...and his daughter!

The Wood Tie has no gender preference. Rather, it simply demands that someone awesome wears it.

The Wood Tie is great for men and women.
The Wood Tie is the perfect fashion accessory for both men and women.

Now available in a striped design

Need a tie with even more flair? Done. Check out the Striped Wooden Tie below. The darker sections are made from redwood and the lighter sections vary between cedar, poplar, and pine.

Striped Wooden Necktie
The Striped Wooden Tie is the latest addition to the Wood Tie family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it heavy?

Answer: Not at all. The Wood Tie weighs about 2.5 ounces which is roughly the same weight as a typical silk tie.

Question: Will it give me splinters?

Answer: Absolutely not. Each Wood Tie has been sanded smooth and then varnished to protect it from water damage.

Question: Did Jon and Joey really get their jobs at simply by wearing the Wood Tie to their interview?

Answer: Yes. Those video clips were from the hidden camera in the boss' office.

Question: Is that how everyone got their job at

Answer: Yes.

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