World's Smallest Stink Blasters: Mini figurines with a stinky smell!
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World's Smallest Stink Blasters

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Mini figurines with a stinky smell!

World's Smallest Stink Blasters
The Vat19 crew tries the World's Smallest Stink Blasters for the first time!
  • World's Smallest Stink Blasters
  • Video: The Vat19 crew tries the World's Smallest Stink Blasters for the first time!
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Standing proudly as the tiniest titans of stench, the World's Smallest Stink Blasters are minuscule miscreants packed with a putrid punch!

Based on the popular toys from the early 2000s, these pocket-sized versions are fun collectibles and truly stinky pranks. Squeeze their soft vinyl heads to emit a puff of stench that’ll bring a laugh of disgust from any admirer.

These pint-sized stinkers come in a variety of grossly funny characters, each with its own signature scent! Like the Silent Gasser, armed with the scent of rotten eggs that'll leave your nostrils begging for mercy. And who could forget Butt Breath Bob, whose essence of rotten fruit is a real nose-crinkler! With names like Tony Anchovy and Sweat Sox Sammy, you know there's a stinky surprise waiting for everyone!

These bite-sized bad boys are ready to unleash olfactory mischief and chaos wherever they go. Collect them all and let the stinky shenanigans begin!

Because we receive this item in an assortment, we must sell it randomly. You'll receive Silent Gasser, Barfin' Ben, Sweat Sox Sammy, Pig Boy, Butt Breath Bob, Bumpin' Buddy, Tony Anchovy, or Monster Mouth.

Features & specs

  • Miniature figurines that emit foul scents when squeezed
  • Approx Dimensions: 3.25" x 2" x 2" (8.3cm x 5.1cm x 5.1cm)
  • Includes: 1 stinky figure, 1 collector card, and a collector's checklist
  • Styles: Silent Gasser (Rotten Eggs), Barfin' Ben (Vomit), Sweat Sox Sammy (Smelly Socks), Pig Boy (Musty Cheese), Butt Breath Bob (Rotten Fruit), Bumpin' Buddy (Liver and Onions), Tony Anchovy (Dead Fish), Monster Mouth (Bad Breath)
  • Your style will be chosen at random.
  • Ages 3+

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