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Zoo Animal Rubber Bands

Two dozen colorful animal-shaped rubber bands

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Our adorable and colorful Zoo Animal Rubber Bands are the perfect addition to your office drawer or your kid's pencil box. Just think of how fun it is to take off a rubber band and watch it transform back into the shape of your favorite zoo animal!

The gift box includes 24 non-toxic silicone rubber bands in the shapes of rhinos, kangaroos, elephants, hippos, flamingos, and giraffes.

Features & specs

  • Six animal styles in various colors
  • 24 total rubber bands; 4 of each animal
  • Returns to original shape after stretching
  • Comes in a small plastic gift box
  • Made of non-toxic silicone
  • Each rubber band is approximately 2"

Watch our Zoo Animal Rubber Bands video

Yes, these rubber bands maintain their animal shape

Like traditional rubber bands, these zoo critters stretch effortlessly in order to store posters, keep lids shut, or to be worn on your wrist (hey, all jewelry doesn't have to cost a fortune). Of course, when you relax these rubber bands, they return to their awesome animal shape. Not only are they fun, but they may also reduce waste. Seriously, who is going to throw away a rubber band that is so darned cool? Hopefully no one.

Zoo Animal Rubber Bands stretch like normal rubber bands
Zoo Animal Rubber Bands retain their shape after stretching
Our Zoo Animal Rubber Bands maintain their shape despite extensive stretching. And yes, the background of the image on the left has massive cross-promo mojo going on. There's an Operation Game Pen and a Great Ideas Notebook back there.

Colorful animal rubber bands will liven up the office

Each package of Zoo Animal Rubber Bands contains a total of 24 rubber bands. Nerd note: Technically speaking, they're actually made of non-toxic silicone, but "Silicone Bands" doesn't sound as cool.

Your two dozen rubber bands are divided into six sets of animals: giraffes, kangaroos, hippos, rhinos, elephants, and flamingos. For those of you doing some math, that means you get four rubber bands of each animal. Two of those four are solid-colored and quite bright. The other two are translucent.

Zoo Animal Rubber Bands will liven up the office

Comes in a small plastic gift box

Your precious Zoo Animal Rubber Bands arrive in a simple plastic gift box that's perfect for gifting or storage.

Zoo Animal Rubber Bands in a plastic gift box
Your 24 zoo animal rubber bands are packaged in a simple plastic box.

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