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Cap-a-Cooz Bottle Opener and Koozie

Durable koozie with a built-in bottle opener.

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Anything that makes it easier or more convenient to consume beer is a major win in our book. Introducing the Cap-a-Cooz, a super-durable beer bottle koozie with a built-in (yet unobtrusive) bottle opener in its base!

The walls of the Cap-a-Cooz are made from premium closed-cell foam which will not rip, tear, or rot.

Open your beer and keep it frosty with the handy and float-able Cap-a-Cooz. Available in blue and red.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 4.5" x 3.25" diameter
  • Materials (outer wall): premium, environmentally-friendly closed-cell foam
  • Material (inner wall): vinyl
  • Material (bottle opener): recycled galvannealed steel sheets
  • Bottle opener built into base
  • Floats
  • Made in the USA

Watch our Cap-a-Cooz Bottle Opener video

The koozie with an integrated bottle opener

The Cap-a-Cooz is all about convenience. Open your beers and keep them frosty with the same device. The steel bottle opener is recessed into the bottom of the Cap-a-Cooz. This makes it unobtrusive, but highly accessible.

The weight of the opener also adds a bit of stability to the koozie when your drink gets low.

Cap-a-Cooz is a koozie with an integrated bottle opener.
The Cap-a-Cooz is a beer bottle koozie and bottle opener in one.

Made with tough, environmentally-friendly materials

The Cap-a-Cooz has three main components: the outer wall, the inner lining, and the bottle opener. Each plays a role in transforming your get-together into a raucous good time - without putting a strain on ol' Mother Earth.

The outer wall is made from an environmentally-friendly, water-blown, closed-cell foam. It is extremely durable and will stand up to normal wear for years. It won't rip, tear, or rot.

The inner wall is made from standard vinyl. This helps ensure that your beer stays frosty cold for hours.

The bottle opener consists of two parts: hardened plastic (made from recycled and reclaimed materials) and recycled galvannealed steel. You may not have heard of galvannealed steel, but it is very rust proof. In fact, the Cap-a-Cooz can easily withstand the rigors of a marine environment.

Cap-a-Cooz from multiple angles.
The Cap-a-Cooz is made from durable materials that are also environmentally-friendly.

Cap-a-cooz won't sink!

Despite having a piece of metal in its base, the Cap-a-Cooz is buoyant and thus perfect for float trips and boat rides!

The Cap-a-Cooz floats.
The Cap-a-Cooz floats. We know how things can get out of hand (see what we did there?) on float trips.

Durable foam won't tear or rot

The high-quality foam used for the outer walls of the Cap-a-Cooz won't tear, rip, or rot. Seriously, it's extremely tough stuff.

The Cap-a-Cooz will slough off your worst abuse and respond, "Please, sir, may I have another?!"

The Cap-a-Cooz won't rip, tear, or rot.
The durable closed-cell foam of the Cap-a-Cooz is resistant to tearing and rotting.

Fits nearly any bottle or can

Beer bottles come in a variety of sizes. However, most are roughly the same diameter (approximately 3") and will fit in the Cap-a-Cooz without any problem.

It can also stretch (although not permanently) to accommodate thicker bottles and cans.

The Cap-a-Cooz design accomodates bottles and cans of different shapes and sizes.
The Cap-a-Cooz is designed to fit bottles and cans of nearly any size.

Available in multiple colors

The Cap-a-Cooz is currently available in red and blue. Buy them both. They're gorgeous.

The Cap-a-Cooz is available in red and blue.
Choose from red and blue Cap-a-Coozies.

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