Bondic Starter Kit: Liquid welder that only sets under UV light.
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Bondic Liquid Welder Starter Kit

Liquid welder that only sets under UV light.

Bondic Kit
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Bondic Kit image
Bondic Kit image
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Bondic Kit image
Bondic Kit image
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The Bondic Egg Drop Challenge
Vat19 Fixes Broken Glass with a Flashlight
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  • Video: Vat19 Fixes Broken Glass with a Flashlight
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Bondic is a new kind of adhesive that’s like super-powered super glue—except it's not a glue! It's actually a liquid plastic that can weld items together allowing for repairs that ordinary glues cannot perform.

Bondic easily bonds and fixes plastic, wood, metal, and fabric with a fine-tip precision applicator. With a simple squeeze, you can even build up layers of Bondic to fill in chips and holes.

But the best thing about Bondic is that it sets in seconds, but only when you shine the included UV light on it. Take your time positioning your repair just right. Then with a wave of the light, it’s instantly fixed!

Features & specs

  • Liquid plastic welder
  • Remains liquid indefinitely but sets in seconds under UV light
  • Use it on plastic, wood, metal, and fabric
  • Starter Kit Includes: two 4 g (0.14 oz) tubes of liquid plastic with applicator, one LED UV light, and holder

Best bonding agent

Bondic is the better way to permanently stick things together. Use the precision applicator to dispense the incredible adhesive exactly where you want it. Then wave the included UV light over it to instantly turn Bondic rock-solid and forever fixed. It’s easy to use, low mess, precise, and super-strong.

“Oh, fudge!” to fixed in four seconds flat.

Greater than glue

Super glue was a pretty great invention in the ‘40s. But as technology has progressed, so have adhesives.

Bondic leverages all of the advantages of super glue without any of the drawbacks. Bondic is a lower viscosity fluid that remains in a liquid state until you shine a UV light on it. So if you need to take your time making a fix or you just want to wipe any extra away, that’s not a problem. Then when you beam the included LED light onto your spot of Bondic, it only takes a few seconds for it to harden to a solid state. The wonder-fix permanently bonds with a He-Man hold.

UV pen turns liquid into solid plastic!
Liquid + light = a super strong solid.

Very versatile

Bondic is useful in a variety of scenarios. When creating crafts or accessorizing, you can stick two different materials together and set it instantly.

If something’s been broken, you can mend it with a near-invisible Bondic patch. And you can use it to fill in holes or cracks to prevent further damage.

You can even build layers of Bondic up in order to mold shapes for even more possibilities!

Stick things together, mend broken stuff, and fill in cracks and holes

Shape with sandpaper

If you need to repair or replace an unusually shaped object, Bondic is the right tool for the job! Apply cured layers of Bondic on top of one another to get a rough shape of your component. Then use sandpaper to smooth the transition from the original part to the Bondic replacement. With a coat of paint, many jobs will be imperceptible!

Sand, file, and shape!
Fix the unfixable.

Awesome adhesive

Once applied and cured, Bondic is extremely durable. Dried Bondic is entirely waterproof and heat-resistant, so feel free to push the limits of what you thought could be repaired.

Waterproof and heat-resistant
Bondic has your back.

Stays spreadable

Traditional glue has two major drawbacks: it hardens in the tube while it’s stored, and every job is a race against the clock as you try to make a precision application before the glue sets.

Amazingly, Bondic will remain liquid in the applicator tube for years! And as long as it’s not exposed to ultraviolet light, it will remain liquid outside the tube too. So take your time positioning your fixes or washing away extra adhesive. Then shine the UV LED on it, and Bondic cures into a solid right away.

Never dries out!
Bondic never dries out until you cure it.

Mend many materials

Bondic creates a strong bond between a variety of surfaces, whether they’re made from the same material or not. Bondic works on wood, ceramic, metal, plastic, and plenty of other stuff!

Bond wood, ceramic, metal, plastic, and more!
Stick Bondic to a smorgasbord of surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Would Bondic work well for an Egg Drop Contest?

Answer: We think so! Check out our video below.

The Bondic Egg Drop Challenge

Question: Can I buy refills?

Answer: We currently only offer a complete Bondic Kit, which includes two Bondic pens and a UV light. You don’t need a lot of Bondic to get the job done, so two tubes should last quite a while.

Question: What would happen if I use it outside?

Answer: On a bright, sunny day, the sun will cure Bondic at a similar rate to the UV pen, so indoor use is recommended.

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