Crayon Pen: High-quality ink pen styled after classic crayons
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Crayon Pen (by ACME Pen Company)

High-quality ink pen styled after classic crayons.

Crayon Pen
Crayon Pen image
Crayon Pen image
Crayon pen gift packaging.
  • Crayon Pen
  • Crayon pen gift packaging.
This item has been discontinued.


Relive the simple joy of marking with a crayon when you pick up the Crayon Pen.

The ink pen merges the playful glee of wielding your childhood’s artistic tool of choice with the mature weight and ink flow of a high quality writing instrument.

The whimsical design, solid feel, and smooth flow of the black ink rollerball make the Crayon Pen seriously fun to use.

Features & specs

  • Styled like a crayon, writes like an ink pen
  • Black ink rollerball pen
  • Retractable rollerball with twist action
  • Uses Acme or Schmidt refill #P8126
  • Lacquered brass barrel with hand applied image
  • Designed by Adrian Olabuenaga

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Draw a Picture with Words

When a child draws with a crayon, joy, creativity, and inspiration just flow out of them from the crayon onto the page.

The distinctive Crayon Pen encourages the same kind of expression for adults. Of course, you can pen a personal letter, jot a note, write a thesis, or brainstorm at a meeting too. But the Crayon Pen might just encourage you to write for the sake of writing.

A hand writes in a notebook with the Crayon Pen.
Let your inner child out.

Quality Kitsch

Pop art often puts more value in the idea than the execution. So you can be forgiven for thinking the Crayon Pen is nothing more than a cheap novelty pen. In fact, this is a quality writing instrument with a fun design.

The hefty brass barrel has a pleasing weight in the hand while the red lacquered finish gives it the look of a classic crayon. Extend the roller ball with a simple twist to experience the feel of the smooth liquid ink as you write.

Crayon pen has a lacquered brass barrel on the outside and a retractable rollerball on the inside.
“This is without a doubt the nicest crayon I’ve ever used!”

Question: What color is the ink?

Answer: While the barrel of the pen is red, the writing ink is black.

Question: Is it refillable?

Answer: Yes, you can get a replaceable ink cartridge online or at office supply stores. The refill type is Acme or Schmidt P8126 Roller Ball Refill Black.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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