SkyBall HyperCharged Ball by Maui Toys: Bounces up to 75 feet
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SkyBall HyperCharged Bouncy Ball

Amazing ball bounces up to 75 feet in the air.

SkyBall image
SkyBall image
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The SkyBall is a softball-sized toy that bounces higher than nearly any other ball ever made. Filled with a combination of compressed air and helium, the SkyBall can bounce as high as 75 feet!

Strong arms can toss it nearly the length of a football field. A 10-year-old can hit a SkyBall like Albert Pujols crushes a baseball. It's endless fun for anyone who likes the awesomer things in life.

Available in several colors including the new "graffiti" style.

Features & specs

  • Diameter: 4.0"
  • Bounces up to 75 feet

The SkyBall bounces really, really high

The SkyBall is a 4" diameter "super ball". It's filled with a combination of compressed air and helium, which accounts for its incredibly high bounces.

In our little test, we achieved a height of 42 feet. Of course, the person doing the bouncing is fantastically out of shape and not the strongest bloke on the block. Plus, our test surface was asphalt. We would expect concrete (and an athletic person) to produce even higher bounces.

The manufacturer states that the SkyBall can bounce as high as 75 feet!

The SkyBall bounces up to 75 feet in the air
Our test subject, a 5'10" average joe, was able to achieve a 42-foot-high bounce with the SkyBall.

Perform amazing feats with the SkyBall

The SkyBall bounces higher than tennis balls, basketballs, even Super Balls! Here are some of the amazing things people have done with the SkyBall:

  • Children have hit a SkyBall out of Yankee Stadium
  • High school quarterbacks have thrown the SkyBall 150 yards on a single bounce
  • Kids have made it bounce 3 times higher than a tennis ball and 4 times higher than a basketball
  • Out-of-shape "models" for bounced the SkyBall 42 feet high off asphalt

Big enough so you won't lose it after huge bounces

What we really love about the SkyBall is that it isn't tiny (and thus super easy to lose) like other "super balls". The SkyBall has a 4" diameter (about twice the size of a tennis ball), so it's easy to locate when bouncing around like a mad man.

The SkyBall is 4 inches in diameter.
The Maui Toys SkyBall is perfectly sized. Not too big, but not so small that
you can't find it after you've rocketed it 75 feet in the air.

Pick your color! Or buy them all!

The SkyBall is available in the following colors: blue, green, red, purple, graffiti blue, graffiti green, and graffiti orange.

Blue SkyBall. Buy a Blue Sky Ball.Green SkyBall.  Buy a Green Sky Ball.Red SkyBall. Buy a Red Sky Ball. Purple Skyball. Buy the Skyball in purple.
Graffiti blue Skyball.Graffiti green Skyball.Graffiti orange Skyball.

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*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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