Pac-Man Inspired Miniature Stapler
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Stap-Man Retro Stapler

Mini stapler inspired by the world's most popular arcade game.

Stap-Man Retro Stapler
Stap-Man Retro Stapler image
Stap-Man Retro Stapler image
Stap-Man Retro Stapler image
Stap-Man Retro Stapler image
  • Stap-Man Retro Stapler
This item has been discontinued.


Inspired by the immensely popular arcade game, the Stap-Man mini stapler loves to chomp away on your disorganized papers.

Stap-Man features two small rubber "feet" to keep him firmly balanced on your desk. Comes with a small plastic box filled with 1,000 mini staples to get you started.

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Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 2.6" (diameter) x 1.25" wide
  • Material: plastic
  • Includes 1000 staples
  • Uses standard mini staples available at any office supply store

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Consider your papers his power pellets

Pac-Man is the world's most successful arcade game. His sole skill (other than moving in the cardinal directions) is his insatiable appetite for chomping.

So, it's rather fitting to make a stapler in his image, don't you think?

Inspired by Pac-Man, the Stap-Man Stapler is a fully functional mini stapler.
"Stap-Man" is inspired by the world's most popular arcade game.

"Feet" keep him from rolling away

Two bumps on the bottom of Stap-Man (because he's a stapler, get it?) keep him firmly planted on your desk.

Two bumps on the bottom of the Stap Man prevent it from rolling away on your desk.
Stap-Man's rubber "feet" prevent him from rolling around your desk.

Comes with 1,000 mini staples

The Stap-Man requires mini staples. This standard size of staple can be found in any major office supply store. However, you won't need to purchase any for quite a while because Stap-Man includes 1,000 in a small plastic box.

The Stap-Man Stapler includes 1,000 mini staples.
The Stap-Man Stapler includes 1,000 mini staples in a small plastic box.

Go ahead. Make the chomping noise.

Stap-Man is about having a little fun at that prison cell you call a desk. So, don't feel bad if you play with this stapler a wee bit more than your Swingline.

The Stap Man Stapler may entice some silly play in the office.
Add a dash of fun to your desk with the Stap-Man stapler.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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