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3D Notebooks: Armed

Stylish textured notebooks brimming with firepower.

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When you have another round of work or just need to unload a doodle stuck in your noodle, reach for a 3D Notebook.

Each of the three fascinating writing pads depicts a different weapon on the front cover in three dimensional detail. The 3D styling is achieved with molded PVC, and clever metal accents add fun detailing.

The three notebooks are different sizes and feature varying paper styles for all sorts of writing missions. Create explosive work with the grenade notebook (graph paper), shoot for the stars using the revolver version (blank paper), or knock out a project with the nunchuks style (lined paper).

Features & specs

  • 3 styles (nunchuks, grenade and revolver)
  • Material: PVC (cover), paper (pages)
  • Metal accents
  • Wire binding
  • Grenade: 5.1” x 7.1” x 0.55", 78 graph pages
  • Revolver: 6.5” x 9” x 0.51", 60 blank pages
  • Nunchuk: 11.4” x 8.5” x 0.8”, 47 lined pages

Take cover(s)

Completely obliterate dull writing pads with 3D Notebooks - Armed, a series of writing pads that have stylized covers in the shape of weapons. The three-dimensional PVC covers look and feel like you can grab the Revolver and fire a round or pull the pin and take cover with the Grenade.

While the covers provide the style, it’s up to you to provide the substance. The three styles have their own unique paper type with graph, blank, and lined available, making it the perfect sketchbook or journal.

3D covers for notebooks featuring various weapons

Ammunition for writing

You’re not going to cause any panic when your weapon is brandished, but a lot of necks will crane to get a better look. The three covers each feature a pop-art depiction of a weapon that literally pops off the page.

The metal accents add a fourth dimension and a little bit of realism and functionality to each cover. Clip your pen or keys to the chain of the Nunchucks or the pin of the Revolver and Grenade.

3D Notebooks - Armed feature three distinct covers with metal accents.
Come out with your notebook up!

Choose your weapon

A good weapons expert knows that you need the right tool for the job. Along with the different covers, the three styles of notebooks feature different types, sizes, and amounts of paper. All three notebooks are wirebound for convenient page turning.

Choose from different paper and cover options.
Writer’s block doesn’t stand a chance.

Question: Can I choose the paper type that comes in my notebook?

Answer: No, each notebook has a certain type and amount of paper for that specific notebook.

Question: Are there any other styles of the 3D Notebooks?

Answer: Yes, you can check out the Gadget editions here.

Question: Doesn't this promote violence?

Answer: We don't think so. Here, weapons which may typically be viewed as symbols of violence are converted to tools for peace. Our creativity and knowledge, expressed through words and sketches, are far better means to get our points across (as opposed to force and violence). But, if you don't agree, I guess we could step outside and settle this the old fashioned way...

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