Arcade Adventure Hide Inside Putty: Themed putty that's also a scavenger hunt.
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Arcade Adventure Hide Inside Putty

A tin of video game-themed putty that's also a fun scavenger hunt.

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Crazy Aaron is kind of like the final boss of thinking putty, and as such, he's simulated a way for you to level up your fidget and concentration points with Arcade Adventure Hide Inside Putty!

This tin of video game-themed thinking putty is full of familiar arcade-style icons from 8-bit hero sagas of the past like power-up blocks, mystery boxes, and more that have been suspended in clear thinking putty that gets more cloudy the more you play.

Every pack of putty is also a fun scavenger hunt with six secret icons hiding in the smattering of suspended objects. Sift through this sensory stimulator to seek out a shiny red jewel, a gold coin, a spooky ghost, a potion bottle to give you the strength to continue your quest, a sword-wielding hero, and a grateful princess.

When you've reached the end or your journey into relaxation, just stick the putty back in the tin to save your game for later!

Features & specs

  • Arcade-themed icons suspended in clear thinking putty
  • Find the 6 unique arcade icons hidden inside!
  • Contains 1/5 lb. (3.2 oz) of putty
  • Stretch it, tear it, bounce it!
  • Made from non-toxic silicone
  • Never dries out
  • Putty manufactured in the USA by Crazy Aaron
  • Recommended for ages 3+

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