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Big Ass Bar of Beer Soap

Over half a pound of soap made with real beer.

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A hot shower—much like a cold beer—is a refreshing end to a hard day’s work. And like beer, you’re gonna want one every day. That’s why you should upgrade your soap from a pint to a keg.

Big Ass Beer Soap by Duke Cannon is a heavy duty, no-nonsense bar of soap made from genuine, no-nonsense Old Milwaukee beer. The lightly scented soap doesn’t reek like a beer pong table, but it also won’t make you smell like a Yankee Candle store. Instead, you’ll exude a crisp sandalwood scent that’s appropriate for work or for the pub.

Big Ass Beer Soap is like a shower beer for your whole body that’ll last for many days and nights to come.

Features & specs

  • Bar of soap made with Old Milwaukee beer
  • Woodsy, sandalwood scent
  • Net wt. 10 oz (283.49 g)
  • Approx. dimensions: 4.625” x 2.625” x 1.375” (11.75 cm x 6.67 cm x 3.49 cm)
  • Portion of proceeds benefits U.S. veterans
  • Made in the USA

Lather in lager

Bathing in beer sounds like a dream come true… until you get out and realize how sticky you are. That’s why Big Ass Beer Soap contains not just real beer but also ingredients that are great for your skin.

This alcohol-free antibacterial cake is made with Old Milwaukee but still cleans your grime like normal shower soap. With a form modeled after the soap used by G.I.s during the Korean War, Big Ass Beer Soap is the manliest way to clean your body.

Refreshing beer soap
Refreshing beer soap!

A bar from the bar

If you care about achieving a scent to match your mood, buy a fancy tiny soap. If you care about getting clean and feeling refreshed, lather yourself with Big Ass Beer Soap.

The light sandalwood scent in this hefty soap is aromatic but non-intrusive. You’ll appreciate the subtle woodsy smell as you get ready for the day or go out at night.

Made with real beer and a manly sandalwood scent.

Smell good for longer

Just as you wouldn’t continually buy individual cans of beer when there are six packs available, there’s no sense in constantly replacing measly bars of soap when Big Ass Beer Soap is available.

This heavy-duty, American-made brick of soap is pure masculine antibacterial power. Starting over an inch thick, it’s enough cleaning power for a hard day’s work… and many more after that.

As a bonus, a portion of the proceeds is donated to help U.S. veterans.

10 oz bar of soap
Huge 10 oz. brick!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Am I going to smell like I just chug-spilled a Das Beer Boot?

Answer: Big Ass Beer Soap is made with beer, but it doesn’t smell like beer. You’ll smell like Sandalwood soap.

Question: Is this safe for children?

Answer: There’s no actual alcohol in the soap, so there’s no danger of a child (or anyone else for that matter) becoming intoxicated.

Question: Why is there a “D” on the soap?

Answer: The insignia on the front of Big Ass Beer Soap is the logo of the manufacturer, Duke Cannon.

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