Bandit Guns: Pump-action Rubber Band Guns
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Pump-Action Rubber Band Shotgun

Pump-action rubber band shotgun with 10-shot capacity.

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Escalate your rubber band warfare to new heights with the DIY Bandit Gun Rubber Band Shotgun.

This amazing pump-action rubber band shooter allows you to fling your stretchy ammo up to 25 feet via three different firing modes: single shot, rapid fire, and shotgun blast.

The Bandit Gun Rubber Band Shotgun is comprised of a series of laser-cut wood pieces that are easily assembled using a small set of plastic fasteners. No tools or glue are required!

Each DIY Bandit Gun comes with a package of 100 rubber bands. Ages 5+.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 14" x 6" x 0.75"
  • Laser-cut pieces assemble easily
  • Set comes with 100 rubber bands
  • Made in the USA
  • Ages 5+

Notes on this video

  • Please note that the style of the Rubber Band Shotgun has changed slightly since this video was made. The way it functions remains the same.

The first and last rubber band gun you'll ever need

The Bandit Gun is the coolest rubber band gun we've ever seen. It's the DIY project (but not the kind that will drive you crazy) that yields a pump-action shotgun shooter with an ingenious ratcheting system.

She looks cool, works great, and best of all she fires our favorite brand of office ordnance: rubber bands!

Bandit Gun is the coolest rubber band gun.
Meet your new love! The Bandit Gun is the coolest rubber band gun we've seen.

Laser-cut wood = quick, accurate build

Your Bandit Rubber Band Gun comes as a kit featuring about a dozen laser-cut wood pieces, a handful of plastic fasteners, and a few rubber bands for tensioning (not pictured below).

Assembly requires nothing more than a set of hands, ten minutes, and the ability to subdue the urge to scream, "Say (h)ello to my little friend!" when complete.

The Bandit Gun Rubber Band Gun is a DIY kit that takes about 10 minutes to build.
The Bandit Gun Rubber Band Shotgun takes less than 10 minutes to build.

Holds 10 shots via an ingenious ratcheting system

The true genius of the Bandit Gun Rubber Band Shotgun is its ammo ratcheting system.

The notched stock holds ten rubber bands which are advanced toward the trigger release with each pump of the gun's handle. This allows the gun to provide three different methods of shooting!

The Bandit Gun Rubber Band Shotgun holds up to 10 rubber bands at once.
The Rubber Band Shotgun can be loaded with up to 10 rubber bands.

Three fun methods of shooting

The Bandit Gun Rubber Band Shotgun allows for three different methods of shooting. Check out the video below to view all three in action!

Rubber Band Shotgun in single fire mode.
Once you load a rubber band to the top of the ratchet, simply squeeze the trigger to fire.

Rubber Band Shotgun in rapid fire mode.
Keep the trigger depressed and slide the actuator to rapidly fire shots.

Rubber Band Shotgun performing a shotgun blast of rubber bands.
Repeatedly pump the actuator to "chamber" all the rubber bands at once.
When ready, pull the trigger to release all rubber bands in one shot.

Impressive 25-foot range

The Rubber Band Shotgun fires its ammo up to 25 feet (7.62 m).

The Bandit Gun Rubber Band Shotgun shoots up to 25 feet.
Attack inanimate enemies from up to 25 feet away with the Bandit Gun Rubber Band Shotgun.

Includes everything you need

Each Bandit Gun Rubber Band Shotgun includes a bag of approximately 100 rubber bands.

Please note that additional bags of rubber bands can also be purchased.

Each DIY Bandit Gun Rubber Band Shotgun contains 130 rubber bands.
Bandit Guns come with 100 "rounds" of ammo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Doesn't this promote gun violence?

Answer: We don't think so. But if you'd like to send us a note full of your righteous indignation, please address it to [email protected].

In all seriousness, we think that Gun Bandit Rubber Band Shotgun promotes band violence. This could be a good thing considering the likes of... joke coming! ...One Direction.

Question: Is ammo included?

Answer: Yes! Each Gun Bandit includes a package containing approximately 100 rubber bands.

Question: Can I use any type of rubber band?

Answer: Sure. The recommended size is 1/16" thick and approximately 2 inches long. Please note that we do sell refill packs which include 100 rubber bands of the recommended size.

Question: Why are the included rubber bands colored green?

Answer: So they're easy to find!

Question: Will the Gun Bandit cause serious bodily harm?

Answer: There's no denying that a rubber band, if used improperly, could cause a bit of a sting. That being said, the amount of potential energy that can be stored in a rubber band before it will snap cannot be increased by the use of any rubber band gun.

Simply put, the Gun Bandit Rubber Band Gun can't fire a rubber band with any more force that you could do on your own with just your hands.

Question: Is this appropriate for the office?

Answer: It'd be inappropriate if you didn't have this at the office. So, buy, buy, buy!

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