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Brainstring Advanced

Unknot the puzzle without tying your brain in knots.

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Brainstring Advanced is a solo challenge housed inside a hollow geometric shape (a truncated octahedron for you mathematicians out there).

The Brainstring is filled with a jumble of elastic cords tipped with plastic knobs. You can slide the color-coded knobs along slots on the outside surface of the Brainstring to untangle the cords within. When you have only one color of knob on each side and every elastic inside band doesn’t cross any other elastic band, you’ve solved the Brainstring!

Scramble the strings to start a new game for yourself or challenge your family and friends to this brain twister.

Features & specs

  • Captive string 3D puzzle
  • One-player
  • Recommended age: 7+
  • Materials: plastic shell and knobs with elastic string
  • Approx. diameter: 4”
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Knot your average puzzle

The transparent shell of Brainstring Advanced is filled with a mess of tangled up elastic cords, and it’s your job to unjumble them!

Grab the knobs and slide them around the tracks on the outside of the puzzle to solve. Like other puzzles, it’s a tactile experience that requires patience and critical thinking skills. But there’s no one true solution, so each time you solve, it’s a new challenge!

Can you untangle the knot?
It’s a challenge, but we think you can pull some strings and get this taken care of.

Untangle this Gordian Knot without even touching the strings.

The goal of the Brainsting isn’t complicated. You’ve won when you have groups of same-colored knobs on opposite ends of the puzzle and none of the strings are touching. But solving it? That's a different story! Since every string passes through the center of the puzzle and each knob on a hemisphere of the puzzle shares a track, untangling one knot might create even more knots.

Once you finally do untangle it, you can re-scramble it for an entirely new challenge for yourself or a friend.

To solve, you need a solid color on every side with no strings touching.
Alexander the Great has nothing on Brainstring.

Question: What makes this difficult? Why not just take the strings out?

Answer: You’d have to break the puzzle to take the strings out. Besides, that would take the fun out of it. You don’t peel the stickers off a Rubik’s cube, do you?

Question: What are the colored lines made out of?

Answer: Each line is made from elastic cord, which stretches when pulled so you can maneuver them around.

Sorry! We're sold out until December 28.


More stock arriving on December 28, 2017.

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Note: The product details shown on Vat19 (including price) may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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