Bullet Shaker Pen: Shake to Extend and Retract the Tip
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Bullet Shaker Pen

Shake the bullet-shaped pen to extend and retract the tip.

Bullet Shaker Pen
Bullet Shaker Pen image
Bullet Shaker Pen image
Bullet Shaker Pen image
Quick demo of the shaking action of the Bullet Shaker Pen.
  • Bullet Shaker Pen
  • Video: Quick demo of the shaking action of the Bullet Shaker Pen.
This item has been discontinued.


Arm yourself with a sleek writing stylus that retracts with a simple shake.

The Bullet Shaker Pen is a compact ballpoint writing tool that looks like a real round of ammunition and that packs a cool way to write. This coated brass pen impressively reveals the hidden pen tip with a gentle shake of the cartridge. When you are finished writing those bullet points, just give it another shake and it will retract back into the jacket.

The Bullet Shaker Pen also includes an integrated capacitive touch stylus where the firing pin would strike the primer… if it were a real bullet.

Features & specs

  • Ballpoint pen
  • Extends and retracts with a shake
  • Coated brass
  • Integrated capacitive stylus
  • Uses standard D1 refills

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Shake up your writing style

Most pens twist, click or uncap when you’re ready to use them, but this pen, designed to look and feel like a bullet, shakes things up a bit.

To extend the pen tip, simply give the Bullet Shaker Pen just that—a little shake. *Pow!* When the work is done, give the writing apparatus another rock of the wrist and it retracts back into the bullet.


The Bullet Shaker Pen features an integrated stylus when you’re ready to take your work from notepad to iPad. Simply flip over the pen and the capacitive instrument will keep you on point. Finish a digital crossword puzzle and then do the same with its paper counterpart.

Integrated stylus used for browsing Vat19.com
That IS handy!

One in the chamber

Normally when rounds of ammunition are gift boxed, they arrive in splintered wooden crates that you have to pry open with a crowbar. The Bullet Shaker Pen is simply and elegantly encased in a cylindrical tube for easy gifting.

Bullet Shaker Pen and gift box
A shell for your shell.

Question: Is this made from a real bullet?

Answer: No, the coated brass makes it look and feel like the real casing of a bullet, but it is manufactured specifically to be a pen.

Question: Can I buy refills for this pen?

Answer: Yes, the pen takes D1 refills which are commonly found at office supply stores.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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