Chalk Bombs: Balls that create colored chalk puffs with every throw.
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Chalk Bombs (3-Pack)

Balls that create colored chalk puffs with every throw.

Chalk Bombs
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GIANT Chalk Bomb Battle! [feat. Dude Decent]
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Let your colors fly when you wage war with Chalk Bombs.

Each vibrantly colored bomb is filled with chalk dust that produces a colored cloud upon impact. You can throw them on pavement to create sidewalk mosaics or you can take aim at your friends and start an all-out color war.

The soft fabric bombs bounce harmlessly off people, leaving a bright streak of color on skin and clothes. You’ll have tons of fun getting delightfully messy with these playful projectiles, but when it’s time to head inside the chalk easily washes off clothes, skin and surfaces.

Please note that each 3-pack includes a random selection of colors.

Features & specs

  • Fabric sacks of washable chalk powder that discharge a cloud of color when thrown
  • 3 bombs per pack
  • 200+ throws per bomb
  • Outdoor use only
  • Ages 6+
  • Do not get wet
  • Colors in each 3-pack are chosen at random

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The color of fun

Chalk Bombs add color to your outdoor play. The reusable and brightly colored bombs leave a splash of hue upon impact, so it’s easy to see when you’ve hit your mark. Engage in chromatic combat and see who gets the most covered, or toss your Chalk Bombs at the ground to create a pavement Pollock.

The colored string at the top of each bomb lends the appearance of a fuse and gives you a handle for picking up and throwing. Bombs away!

An explosively good time.

Reload and reuse

Each bomb lasts for over 200 throws, so you can trade fluorescent (and friendly) fire all day long. Its soft fabric shell is safe to throw at others but tough enough to survive any impact. These playful projectiles are also cinched at the top with a small plastic zip tie to prevent them from falling apart and prematurely spilling their payload.

So load up your fists and let your colors fly! You’ll have plenty of ammo to make a big, fun (and washable) mess.

Over 200 throws per bomb
Have a colorful dust-up!

Washes away

When the war is over, your colorful “battle scars” won’t remain on you or your clothes. The bright chalk powder inside Chalk Bombs is washable so a simple hosing down and laundry cycle should remove any chalk residue.

Washable chalk powder
When you’re done, it’s easy to clean your cotton canvas.

Six fun colors

Chalk Bombs are available in six striking colors: orange, blue, yellow, red, purple, and green. Please note that the colors of the three bombs in your pack are chosen at random.

Six vibrant colors
Your three-pack will include a random selection of colors shown above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: These look awesome! Have you ever considered making gigantic versions?

Answer: We sure have.

Check out the video for our Giant Chalk Bomb Battle!

Question: Will these leave a stain?

Answer: In our testing, we were able to wash out the Chalk Bomb powder from clothes, skin, and outdoor surfaces. However, there is a possibility it could cause discoloration so you might not want to play in your Sunday best.

Question: Does the chalk dust make you cough? If so, would this be like black lung, only red/blue/etc. lung? Thanks for your time.

Answer: Chalk Bombs don’t emit enough chalk powder to make choking or coughing an issue. And that’s no joke.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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