Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner: Deck of 21 daring feats.
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Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner

Deck of 21 daring feats to impress your dinner guests.

Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner
Includes 21 illustrated cards.
  • Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner
  • Includes 21 illustrated cards.
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Don't let your dinner die down after dessert… fan the flames of festivity with the party fuel included in Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner.

This card deck contains a list of party tricks and daring experiments for the host and/or dinner guests to try to entertain, amuse, and amaze the rest of the group.

From classics you've likely seen but never dared try before such as pulling the tablecloth away with the dishes still on the dining table or sabering a bottle of champagne to offer a digestif to stunning surprises like the Benign Flame, where you literally light money on fire for the amusement of your guests (don't worry; the paper bill will be fine).

Grab the Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner deck and deal out a devilishly good time!

Features & specs

  • Card deck with dares that will excite and engage your guests
  • Includes 21 high-quality cards with interesting tricks
  • Cards include a name, illustration, and description on one side and the equipment needed, level of danger, and a written explanation of how to accomplish the feat on the reverse side
  • The card deck arrives in a painted metal storage tin with a lid
  • Ages 18+

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Host heroically

After the forks have been set down and the napkins cast aside, liven up the evening with Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner. This deck of cards prompts you to make daring spectacles out of common items you have around the house.

Each attractively illustrated card features a technique such as turning a glass of wine upside down over your head and offers step-by-step instructions to accomplish the tricks. These demonstrations are not only interesting, exciting, and entertaining, but even dangerous if not done properly. Share in the fun at your next dinner party and be the talk of the town with this intriguing after-dinner activity guide.

Careful, you might have too much fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it actually dangerous?

Answer: If you follow the instructions, the likelihood of injury is very small. However, there is a risk to everything.

Question: Are the cards waterproof?

Answer: No.

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