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The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips DVD

Hundreds of must-have boating tips with amazing video and stunning 3D graphics.

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Everything from anchors to zincs, indeed! The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips DVD includes over 3 hours of video and thousands of tips gleaned from experts and veteran boating enthusiasts alike.

If you have a boat or if you're thinking about getting a boat or just know someone with a boat, you need the Encyclopedia of Boating Tips.

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Features & specs

  • Perfect gift for the boater in your life
  • Includes dozens of money-saving tips
  • Bonus: Virtual trip to the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park
  • Bonus printable documents: 4,000+ boat names, pet first aid, and more
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

Watch our Encyclopedia of Boating Tips DVD video

Thousands of must-have tips

Encyclopedia of Boating Tips Sailboat parts

The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips DVD includes over 3 hours of video and thousands of expert tips.

This is a must-have for boat owners or those considering becoming a boat owner.


Expert Tips and Tricks

Encyclopedia of Boating Tips includes 8 most common knotsWe've scoured the land (and sea) to find these great tips and assemble them into one entertaining DVD.

The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips includes tips on nearly every aspect of boating (and sailing) - we even went so far as to collect pet first aid tips.

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Boating experts share their knowledge with you

Master Boat Builder
Andre Cocquyt, a world reknowned composites expert and master boat builder, provided dozens of the tips found in The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips.
Exuma Cays Park Warden
Ray Darville is your guide on a 26-minute visit to the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park-the crown jewel of Bahamas cruising.
Marine Surveyor
Jim Shafer explores the mysteries of electrolysis and current flow. His tips will save your props from turning into Swiss cheese.
Tournament Bass Fisherman
Larry Nealy takes you on an outback trip crammed with fishing tips.
ASA Certified Instructor
Art Safford III takes you on a 30-minute sailing cruise that's jam-packed with practical tips. It's a thrilling ride as you whoosh along in 15-30 knots of wind.
World Champion Taxidermist
Mike Kirkhart, 3-time World Champion taxidermist, recreates fascinating marine creatures in his studio. Discover the new world of taxidermy in this age of environmental concerns.

Tons of Bonus Material

The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips contains over an hour of bonus video material as well as hundreds of tables and graphics.

Topics include: morse code, CPR, rope sizes, and survival floating. There's an entire 3D animated section explaining all navigation rules.

Additional bonus material includes fishing tips, a cruise to the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park, over 4,000 unique boat names, and pet first aid tips.

The Yacht (22 minutes)

History and Stuff

  • History of Yachting
  • Types of Boats
  • Chartering a boat
  • Custom Boats and Flags
  • Boat Shows

The Galley



Safety (7 minutes)

Life jackets with bonus explanation

Safety harness


Distress signals

Life rafts -- EPIRBS

Fire extinguishers

Lightning Protection

Basic Skills (56 minutes)





  • Basic Electricity
  • Batteries
  • Inverters
  • Gauges, panels, shorepower


Maintenance (48 minutes)

Basic Tools




  • Galvanic Corrosion

Hardware & Cordage

Navigation (10 minutes)


Rules of the Road

Binoculars, Charts, Guides

Electronics (13 minutes)





Computers, phones

Depth Sounders


Entertainment, family radios

Water Sports


  • Visit the studio of 3-time world champion taxidermist Mike Kirkhart (25 minutes)

Fun Stuff


Bonus: A Cruise to the Exumas (23 minutes)

Take a tour of the fabulous Exuma Land & Sea Park with park warden Ray Darville.

"With detailed descriptions of the unspoiled islands and trails to anchorages and snorkeling areas in the park, this video is a treat." -- BoatU.S. Magazine November 2002.

A portion of the proceeds of this DVD will go to benefit the Park.

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