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Farting Emoji Poop Pen

Sneak Peek!

Truly elegant stationery (that makes fart sounds).

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Writing things by hand kinda stinks, so it only makes sense you should do it with the Farting Emoji Poop Pen.

Decorated with smiling cartoon piles of poo, the pen is funny just to look at, but pressing down on the hard plastic poo emoji on the end of the pen produces nature’s funniest joke of all: a fart.

The pen is loaded with seven different flatulent sounds to give you a laugh during boring homework or cut the tension (and the cheese) at work.

Features & specs

  • Poo-themed pen with fart sound effects
  • Press the poo emoji to hear seven unique fart sounds
  • Batteries included (LR44)
  • Writes in black ink
  • Length: 6.25” (15.8 cm)

What's this "Sneak Peek" all about?

A typical Vat19 product page contains far more information (photos, text, and possibly a video or two) than what is currently available for this product.

But don't worry, this page will get the full Vat19 treatment in short order!

Until then, however, we felt compelled to make this curiously awesome product available to you intrepid shoppers who can't wait to get your hands on our latest and greatest finds!

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