Farting Poop Emoji Plush Dog Toy: A soft toy that makes fart sounds when chewed.
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Farting Poop Emoji Plush Dog Toy

A soft toy that makes fart sounds when chewed.

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This one you can blame on the dog. The Farting Poop Emoji Dog Toy is a treat for your canine that will keep you entertained too.

With its small size and soft exterior, this smiling plush pile of poo is your furry friend's ideal chew toy. Whenever their jaws squeeze the toy’s center, it emits one of seven different fart noises for your amusement. You’ll love watching the reaction from your pooch (and houseguests) when they hear the startling sounds. And since the toy is fun for humans too, you won’t mind when your dog drops this deuce at your feet.

Features & specs

  • A soft toy that makes fart sounds when squeezed
  • Cycles through seven different fart sounds
  • Dimensions: 4” x 4” x 4 ½” (10.2 cm x 10.2 cm x 11.4 cm)
  • While designed for a dog, ANYONE can enjoy squeezing it!
  • Permanent battery cannot be replaced, but will last for over 25,000 "farts"

Playing with poop

Form an everlasting bond with your best bud with the Farting Poop Emoji Plush! You'll never get tired of playing with this soft and smiley stool, and neither will your dog.

Squeeze the plush toy to activate the sound and watch your mutt go mad with delight. Toss the turd and see fido fetch. Is there really anything better than farting around with your dog?

Toss the turd!

Just like the emoji but chewier

The Farting Poop Emoji Plush Dog Toy is a soft and squeezable plush modeled after the smiling, mischievous emoji we all know and love. Its velvety plush texture and lovable smiling face make this toy every bit as enjoyable for humans as well as dogs. You might just end up wrestling your pup for it!

2 plush toys side-by-side on a surface
💩 makes for a cute and cuddly character and a terrific toy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do they smell?

Answer: The Farting Poop Emoji Plush Dog Toy does not emit an odor.

Question: How many fart sounds does it have?

Answer: The Farting Poop Emoji Plush Dog Toy cycles through 7 different fart sounds.

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