Fisher Price Classic Toy Keychains

Fully functional keychain miniatures of classic childhood toys!

Chatter Phone
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Corn Popper
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Melody Push Chime
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Satiate your need for retro cool, classic toy fun, and general fiddling with the officially licensed Fisher Price Toy Keychains.

Each miniature toy is fully functional! The Corn Popper pops. The Melody Push Chime makes music sounds. The Rock-a-Stack's rings slide up and down its post. The Chatter Phone blinks its eyes and chatters, and its dial can be spun like an old-fashioned rotary phone.

Each miniature features a carabiner-style keyring. Collect all four. Your repressed inner child will thank you!

Features & specs

  • Officially licensed from Fisher Price Toys
  • Fully functional
  • Carabiner-style keyring
  • Choose from four styles: Rock-a-Stack, Melody Push Chime, Corn Popper, and Chatter Phone

They really work!

Since the 1950s, generations of Americans have grown up playing with these classic Fisher Price Toys. The Corn Popper, Chatter Phone, Rock-a-Stack, and Melody Push Chime have logged tens of millions of hours of playtime.

Now you can enjoy miniature versions of these classic toys with our officially licensed keychain editions. Each tiny toy is a working miniature!

Fisher Price Classic Toy Keychains are fully functional.
Each of the miniature Fisher Price Toy Keychains is fully functional.

See them in action!

Check out our video below to see and hear each of these take-everywhere miniatures.

We demand you collect all four styles!

The Fisher Price Keychain Toys are available in four of their most recognizable creations: The Rock-a-Stack, Melody Push Chime, Corn Popper, and Chatter Phone.

Collect all four to relive the bliss of your early childhood. And if you didn't have these toys growing up, make your parents buy these for you now. There's still time to repair the damage they caused!

The Fisher Price Keychains are available in the following styles: Rock-a-Stack, Melody Push Chime, Corn Popper, and Chatter Phone.
Fisher Price Toy Keychains are available in miniature working editions of Rock-a-Stack, Melody Push Chime, Corn Popper, and Chatter Phone.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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