Fuzzy Wuzzy Kitty Bank: Cat-themed Motorized Animatronic Coin Collecting Bank
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Fuzzy Wuzzy Kitty Bank

Cat-themed Motorized Animatronic Coin Collecting Bank.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Kitty Bank
Get your paws on your money when you need it.
And it doesn’t hack up hairballs!
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Fuzzy Wuzzy Kitty Bank Demo
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy Kitty Bank
  • Get your paws on your money when you need it.
  • And it doesn’t hack up hairballs!
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  • Video: Fuzzy Wuzzy Kitty Bank Demo
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When it comes to teaching little ones to save, why should piggy banks hog all the fun? Fuzzy Wuzzy is an allowance-saving coin collector styled like a cardboard box containing a cat.

To start saving, place a coin on the white fish bone plate. You’ll hear a cat purr before the shy feline reaches from inside the box to grab the coin and take it inside his cardboard home. When it’s time to cash out, a removable hatch on the bottom grants access to the haul.

If your little coin collector loves furry felines, it only makes "cents" to use this electronic cat-themed bank!

Note: Because of the way that this item is shipped to us, the color you receive will be chosen at random (orange or white).

Features & specs

  • Animatronic motorized coin collector
  • Exterior material: plastic
  • Coin access on bottom of bank
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Approximate dimensions: 4 3/4" x 3 7/8" x 3 1/2" (12 cm x 9.84 cm x 8.89 cm)
  • Ridiculously adorable
  • Ages 3+

The cutest money snatcher around!

Put your money on his plate and watch as Fuzzy Wuzzy peeks his head out the box and uses his itty bitty paw to grab your coin! It's adorable, addictive, and encourages kids (of all ages) to save some cash for a rainy day.

Watch a short demo video of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Kitty Bank in action.

Yes, of course you can get your money back out

It’s fun to watch Fuzzy Wuzzy collect your coins, but you’d probably feel disappointed if you discovered he refused to give your money back when you wanted it. Luckily, he’s happy to hold on to it for safekeeping and return it when you’re ready to spend it.

Simply open the hatch on the bottom of the plastic box and your coins will come tumbling out, making space for you to add more again and again.

Get your coins out and feed kitty again!
Get your paws on your money when you need it.

A cat in a variety of colors

Due to the way the item is shipped to us, the color you receive will be chosen at random. They're both super adorable, so you win no matter what!

Fuzzy Wuzzy
And it doesn’t hack up hairballs!

Question: Will this work with pennies, dimes, nickels, half-dollars, lipa, øre, bututs, bani, kobo, or fulūs?

Answer: The Fuzzy Wuzzy Kitty Bank can accept almost any coin of reasonable size, regardless of its country of origin or monetary value. The diameter of the coin return hatch on the bottom is 1.25” (3.175 cm).

Question: Wasn’t Fuzzy Wuzzy a bear?

Answer: Was he?

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