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Gator Stapler

Ferocious stapler with stainless steel mechanism and non-skid bottom.

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Your black Swingline or Stanley Bostitch stapler may handle your stapling jobs just as well, but they'll never do them with as much flair as the Gator Stapler.

The compact Gator Stapler uses standard staples and features a non-slip grip along its snout and a non-skid rubber bottom.

Staples not included.

Features & specs

  • 5" long x 1.5" wide x 2" tall
  • Stainless steel mechanism
  • Non-slip grip
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Uses standard staples (not included)

The Gator Stapler is one ferocious stapler

Truthfully, the Gator Stapler doesn't staple any more ferociously than your average stapler.  But, it sure looks a lot cooler when it's getting the job done. 

The Gator Stapler features a stainless steel mechanism to ensure a long and prolific stapling career.

Gator Stapler features a stainless steel mechanism
The Gator Stapler features a stainless steel stapling mechanism.

Uses standard staples

The Gator Stapler is a standard-sized stapler — this isn't one of those useless miniature staplers that requires its own brand of special staples. 

No, the Gator Stapler uses the standard staples that you can find at any office supply store.  Please note that the Gator Stapler does not come with any staples.

Gator Stapler uses standard staples
The Gator Stapler uses the standard staples readily available at any office supply store.

Non-skid bottom

The non-skid bottom of the Gator Stapler prevents stapling misfires as well as scuff marks on your tables.

Gator Stapler features a non-skid bottom
The rubber, non-skid bottom prevents scuff marks on your office furniture.

Now buy, buy, buy!

The Gator Stapler is tough, cute, and compact. Perfect for the office and for kids, the Gator Stapler lives to organize your papers! So, bring one (or 26) home!

Gator Stapler from multiple angles
The five-inch-long Gator Stapler is the perfect size for kids.

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