9-Foot Beach Ball: Gigantic blow-up beach ball.
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Gigantic Beach Ball

Enormous 9-foot-tall inflatable beach ball!

Gigantic Beach Ball
Gigantic Beach Ball image
Gigantic Beach Ball image
Gigantic Beach Ball image
Gigantic Beach Ball image
Gigantic Beach Ball image
Gigantic Beach Ball image
5-foot-tall & 9-foot-tall beachballs.
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Give More Awesome: Beach Ball Commercial
  • Gigantic Beach Ball
  • 5-foot-tall & 9-foot-tall beachballs.
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If a Great White Shark had the ability to fashion inflatable toys, its first invention would surely be the Giant Beach Ball.

Own your next beach party, family picnic, or outing at the park with this beastly beach ball. With a staggering diameter of 9 feet, the Giant Beach Ball weighs an astonishing 16 pounds when deflated!

Made from durable and thick plastic, the Giant Beach Ball is awaiting your abuse. An oversized plug assists with rapid inflation.

If 9 feet of fun is too much to handle, the Gigantic Beach Ball is also available in a slightly less absurd (but still gratuitously large) 5-foot diameter.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 9' (2.75m) in diameter or 5' (1.5 m)!
  • Weighs 15 pounds (6.8 kg) or 5.2 lb (2.4 kg) deflated
  • Made from thick, tough plastic
  • Sturdy inflation plug with one-way top-off valve
  • Includes a small patch repair kit
  • Amazingly gargantuan

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Go big or go home? Yeah, we took option A.

In fact, I don't think we've been home in awhile. We love oversized stuff! We geeked out when we got our hands on (but not around) our Giant Soccer Ball. Now, we're pretty much speechless.

Look at this monster! It's 9 feet in diameter.

Man about to be flattened by a 9-foot-tall beach ball.
Our Giant Beach Ball is the blue whale of inflatable spheres!

This is not a joke. You can own this!

We never kid when it comes to monster-sizing everyday objects. We'd never tease you with something this awesome! The Giant Beach Ball is 100% real and ready to be shipped to your house. This giant toy = hours of silly fun.

Group of people playing with an enormous beach ball.
This ain't some cheap Photoshop trick. This is simply what it looks like when you do it jumbo.

659,583 cubic inches of awesome

A "standard" beach ball has a diameter of approximately 16" when inflated. The Giant Beach Ball's diameter is 9 feet (108"). Now, a C-student of mathematics may then deduce that the Giant Beach Ball is only 6.75 times larger than a standard beach ball.

You, of course, are far more perceptive and realize that the diameter doesn't tell the whole story. The real issue is how many standard beach balls you could fit inside the Giant Beach Ball.

The answer: 307. Yeah, it's the King Kong of beach balls.

Our Gigantic Beach Ball is 307 times larger than a standard beach ball.
The Giant Beach Ball towers over standard size beach balls.

The Giant Beach Ball craves your punishment

The Giant Beach Ball is made from thick and durable plastic. It's purpose in life is to be kicked, tossed, punched, rolled, and jumped upon.

In fact, while shooting our awesome video, we rolled it down the street, across forest walking paths, and over the rock-covered shores of the pond in our business park. The Giant Beach Ball didn't so much as flinch. It's ready for you!

The Gigantic Beach Ball is made from thick and durable plastic.
The Giant Beach Ball's thick plastic is awaiting your fury.

Inflation is easy with one-way "top-off" valve 

A beach ball of this enormity requires a LOT of air. Thankfully, the manufacturer included a large and high-quality plug to assist with inflation.

With any standard air pump, you should be able to fill up the Giant Beach Ball in 10-15 minutes. If you find yourself needing to top it off, the opening features a one-way inflation valve that fits inside the plug.

High quality plug makes it easy to inflate and top-off the Gigantic Beach Ball.
The large plug allows for rapid inflation via any standard air pump.

Hey, wait, did we mention this thing is huge?

A beach ball this large can be frightening to some, but trust us when we say that it's mega fun. One person can lift it into the air and keep it airborne. But don't be surprised if you get a bit exhausted!

Man underneath an enormous 9-foot beach ball.
Colossal, y'all.

Huge & Huger

Sometimes—just maybe—you can go too far. A 9-foot beach ball is not one of those times. Still, if you're looking for something marginally more portable, we've got you covered. The baby brother to this behemoth beach ball still measures 5' wide when inflated, so don't worry; you can still easily flatten a toddler with it.

5-foot-tall & 9-foot-tall beachballs.
Go big or go bigger or go home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it... dare I say... too big?

Answer: Poppycock! The Giant Beach Ball is indeed big, but it's not so large as to be completely unwieldly. It can be kicked, tossed, rolled, bumped in the air — heck, we played volleyball with it in our video.

Question: Why is it so much more expensive than a regular beach ball?

Answer: Because it's massive! The surface area of The 9-foot Giant Beach Ball is approximately 36,000 square inches. A standard 16" ball is only 800 square inches. Therefore, the 9-foot Giant Beach Ball requires 45 times more material! Plus, it uses a much thicker plastic than a small beach ball.

Question: Will it pop easily?

Answer: Nah! It's made with very thick plastic. During our tests, we had zero problems. We rolled it down public roadways, across large rocks, and jumped on it non-stop. It's tough. However, we must caution against over-inflation.

Question: How do I blow it up?

Answer: You're going to need an electric (or motorized) air pump. Trying to blow it up manually will certainly result in failure. We purchased an inexpensive air mattress pump and were able to inflate the Giant Beach Ball in about 10-12 minutes.


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