Gummy Bear Magnets: Set of 5 gummy bear-shaped magnets
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Gummy Bear Magnets (set of 5)

Set of five gummy bear shaped fridge magnets.

Gummy Bear Magnets
Gummy Bear Magnets image
Gummy Bear Magnets image
Gummy Bear Magnets image
Gummy Bear Magnets image
Gummy Bear Magnets image
  • Gummy Bear Magnets
This item has been discontinued.


Display your pics, notes, and reminders in finger-licking style with Gummy Bear Magnets.

Each two-inch-tall plastic bear features a magnet making it capable of holding up to 15 sheets of paper.

Gummy Bear Magnets are sold in sets featuring one each of five colorful bears: pink, purple, blue, red, and yellow.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (per magnet): 2" x 1" x 1"
  • Glorious gummy bear shape
  • Holds up to 15 sheets of paper
  • Includes five magnets per set

Delicious* magnets!

*In appearance only. Do not eat magnets... or plastic... or other inedible things. While they may remind you of gloriously delicious candy treats, Gummy Bear Magnets are not to be eaten. Rather, they hold things to your fridge, filing cabinet, or locker.

Gummy Bear Magnets are tasty-looking fridge magnets.
Honor your fridge with deliciously attractive Gummy Bear Magnets.

Just like a gummy bear... except bigger & magnetic

Gummy Bear Magnets are the perfect size for a fridge magnet. At two inches tall, they feature enough magnetic surface area to be usefully strong and enough size to be noticeable. Seriously, why have such awesome magnets if nobody can see them, right? Heck, we feel the same way about gummy candy in general!

For comparison purposes, a typical (non-awesomely huge) gummy bear is approximately 0.65-0.7" tall.

Gummy Bear Magnets are more than two times taller than a standard candy gummy bear.
Gummy Bear Magnets are perfectly-sized refrigerator magnets.

Easily holds over a dozen pieces of paper

To determine the strength of the Gummy Bear Magnet, we employed a very simple test: how many pieces of magnificent Vat19 fan art can a single magnet hold?

Our tests confirmed that one Gummy Bear Magnet is strong enough to hold up to 15 pieces of heavily decorated fan art. Dang.

Gummy Bear Magnets feature a magnet capable of holding up to 15 sheets of paper.
A single Gummy Bear Magnet is capable of holding up to 15 pieces of letter-sized paper.

If looks could be eaten!

Boring magnets can be bought anywhere. But to carve out a spot in our hearts (and the super-expensive virtual real estate on, a magnet has to look awesome.

In the case of these Gummy Bear Magnets, we couldn't ask for a more appetizing appearance.

Gummy Bear Magnet viewed from multiple angles.
The magnets are unbearably (see what we did there?) cute from any angle.

Includes five bears per set

Each set of Gummy Bear Magnets includes five magnets in the colors pictured below: pink, yellow, purple, red, and blue. Tasty!

Each set of Gummy Bear Magnets includes five fridge magnets.
Gummy Bear Magnets are packaged in sets of five.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Wait... so you can't eat them?

Answer: Correct. While they look like an oversized gummy bear, they are in fact magnets. Eating magnets is like trying to peddle your bicycle on the freeway. You could probably do it, but it's a sure-fire way to enjoy a painful death.

Question: Wait... these look suspiciously like your Gummy Bear Keychain?

Answer: Good eye! These magnets are made by the same manufacturer who crafts our Gummy Bear Keychain.

Question: So... what would happen if I (aka my little sister) ate one?

Answer: You (she) would probably break her teeth. Gummy Bear Magnets are made from tough, rigid, and durable plastic and are completely inedible. They are not to be eaten... especially while riding your Big Wheel on the highway.

Question: Are they compatible with Magnetic Thinking Putty?

Answer: Each time we add a new magnet to the site, we are asked what would happen if you tried to use it with our Magnetic Thinking Putty. The stock answer is that it would probably work, but not as well as the magnet that comes with the putty as its included magnet is insanely strong. Bottom line: Gummy Bear Magnets are far better suited to post print-outs of your Vat19 Gift Cards on your fridge.

Question: What if I cooked the Gummy Bear Magnet? Could I eat it then?

Answer: Oh, yeah, totally, of course. Isn't that what we all do in order to make plastic and magnets edible? Just add some heat? No! No! No! Don't try to eat plastic. It won't taste good. You're much better off using the Gummy Bear Magnet for its intended purpose and when you're in the mood for mouth-watering candy, just click here. And then buy, buy, buy them both!

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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