Gummy Tongue: A sweet gummy treat shaped like a human tongue.

Gummy Tongue

A sweet gummy treat shaped like a human tongue.

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The Gummy Tongue is a treat that tastes back. Shaped to look like a human tongue complete with raised taste buds on top, the Gummy Tongue is more than a mouthful of fun.

If you like playing with your food, the tongue features a molded bite area for you to sink your teeth into as you let it flop out of your mouth. So up your gummy gastronomy game and bite your tongue.

Features & specs

  • Gummy candy shaped like a tongue
  • Molded bite area for pinching between your teeth
  • Flavor: cherry
  • Net wt.: 4.5 oz (127.5 g)
  • Gluten- and fat-free
  • Made from pork gelatin (not vegetarian, kosher, or halal)
  • Made in the USA

She came in like a... #vat19 #gummy #gummytounge #mileycyrus wrecking ball

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Hold your tongue

The Gummy Tongue gives sweet talk a new meaning. The giant gummy is made entirely of cherry-flavored candy, and with raised papillae and a molded bite area, it's just as fun to flaunt as it is to feast upon.


The snack that tastes back

Snack fact: gummy is delicious! Actually, that's an opinion (shared by many), but feel free to put in a Gummy Tongue and talk it out. This crazy confection sure is silly, but it's not the weirdest thing you could put in your mouth.

One tasty taster with 4.5 oz of cherry flavored gummy
It's a mouthful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are they halal or kosher?

Answer: Sorry, the Gummy Tongue is not.

Question: Does it taste sour?

Answer: While a real human tongue has multiple tastes, this Gummy Tongue is nothing but sweet. If you're looking for sour gummy, look to the rainforest for Gummy Tree Frogs.

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