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Hurricane Rollers: Prevent Storm Surge Damage

Hurricane-tested system for eliminating storm surge damage.

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The Hurricane Rollers System is a battle-tested system designed by a lifelong boater. Fed up with the damage done to his boat by the storm surges of Hurricanes Jeanne and Francis, he developed this radically simple, yet effective system.

Implemented on a 60' catamaran during Hurricane Wilma, the Hurricane Rollers eliminated the damage to his boat. Hurricane Rollers are simple to install and incredibly strong.

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Features & specs

  • Easy installation
  • 15 feet of 3-strand, 1/2" top-quality nylon rope
  • UV resistant rubber rollers
  • Hurricane-tested

Watch our Hurricane Rollers video

Prevent Storm Surge Damage to Your Boat

Hurricane Rollers are an inexpensive and easy way to prevent the most common cause of damage done to boats during severe weather: storm surge.

During storm surge, your dock lines are subject to extreme slack. This slack allows your boat to rock and roll wildly, smashing itself into the docks!

Hurricane Rollers eliminate the slack and help prevent the storm surge damage.

With Hurricane Rollers  
Without Hurricane Rollers
$300 damage from Hurricane Wilma. 
$200,000+ damage from Hurricane Wilma.
Prototype system battle tested in Hurricane Wilma. It saved this 60 foot catamaran from serious damage. There was minor damage to the rubrail.
The vessel was just a few slips away from the 60 foot catamaran pictured to the left. No Hurricane Roller was used and the boat simply impaled itself on the dock.

What are Hurricane Rollers?

Hurricane Rollers are a set of:

  • 5 rubber rollers: They are 4 inches wide and made of UV resistant rubber.
  • 4 spacers: They are about 1 inch wide and are also made of UV resistant rubber.
  • 15' section of high quality nylon rope with a 1/2" diameter
  • Detailed instructions on how to assemble the Hurricane Roller

How do Hurricane Rollers work?

As the height of the sea moves up and down, so do the rollers. This ensures that the rope is always taut and that your boat is not going to slosh around side to side in your slip. Your boat will simply move up and down.

Do Hurricane Rollers actually work?

Yes. They were used in hurricane Wilma (October 2005) and saved a 60 foot catamaran from serious dock damage.

Why is this better than a sliding cleat attached to the dock post?

For one, cost. Hurricane Rollers are $39.95 . The sliding cleat system is several hundred dollars and requires extensive installation beyond the ability of the average boat owner. Unlike Hurricane Rollers, you can’t easily take the sliding cleat with you.

Are the Hurricane Rollers only for hurricanes?

No. In severe storms, winds can easily reach near hurricane force and do severe damage to your vessel. Cruising vessels can take Hurricane Rollers with them and have peace of mind no matter where they go. It’s easily adaptable to any dock with posts.

This seems like a real low-tech system?

It is. Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best solution.

What about chafe? Won’t the nylon line simply chafe through the rollers?

There is some amount of chafe, but mainly to the rollers. The ½ inch nylon line held up with no visible chafe during Hurricane Wilma.

What if the supplied 15 foot line is not long enough for my boat?

Attach additional line to each end of the supplied line and tie those off to your cleat. Hurricane Rollers can be used on any size dock that have dock posts. Make sure you know how to make proper knots. “Granny” knots are never used on boats.

Will Hurricane Rollers just roll off the top of the dock post?

Yes, in a huge storm surge.  If you have a really tall dock post then you’re probably OK. If not, use some big nails or pipe to stop Hurricane Rollers from slipping off.

What assembly is required?

Assembly will take you approximately 5 minutes. You simply thread the included rollers and spacers onto the line as if beading a necklace. You will have to tie two figure-eight knots.

Is there any warranty or guarantee?

Nope. No warranty or liability or suitability for use of any kind is offered or suggested for the Hurricane Rollers. Purchaser accepts all responsibility for its assembly and use.

Who came up with the Hurricane Rollers concept?

A lifelong boater who was fed up with the damage being done to his boat from storm surge created the Hurricane Rollers. After researching alternatives, he came to the conclusion that he needed to create something. Hurricane Rollers were soon born and battle tested during Hurricane Wilma.

What are Hurricane Rollers doing on a site that creates award-winning video?

Helping to save your boat! Seriously, though, besides being filmmakers, we're boaters. During our extensive research on boating tips (such as was necessary for our best-selling DVD, The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips), we've created many new boating tricks and tips. The Hurricane Rollers are our first commercial product.

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