Hypnocube 4Cube: Dynamic 3D Light Display
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Hypnocube 4Cube 3D Animated Light Display

Animated 3D light sculpture featuring 64 LEDs.

Hypnocube 4Cube
Hypnocube 4Cube image
Hypnocube 4Cube image
Hypnocube 4Cube image
Hypnocube 4Cube image
Hypnocube 4Cube image
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The Hypnocube 4Cube is the perfect tabletop accessory for the discerning technophile.

The 4Cube is made up of an array of 64 LEDs which appear to be suspended inside a Plexiglas cube. The 4x4x4 array of lights is controlled by a highly optimized processor designed to create a dazzling light show which never repeats itself.

Each of the LEDs is capable of producing 4,096 distinct hues and the unit operates at 6,500 frames per second for ultra-smooth color transitions.

The 4Cube by Hypnocube is an amazing office accessory and mood lamp - it's like a fireworks display in a box.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 7.25"
  • 51 distinct visualizations
  • Over 10 transition effects
  • Random colors, timing, and transitions
  • 64 LEDs each capable of 4,096 distinct colors
  • Pattern never repeats
  • 120V AC

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It's like fireworks in a box!

The 4Cube by Hypnocube is an animated, dynamic, and mesmerizing light sculpture. It is comprised of a 4x4x4 lattice of LEDs arranged inside a Plexiglas cube. The magic of the 4Cube, however, lies within its programming.

The designers of the 4Cube are über-dorks — which is a good thing. Remember, über-dorks invented the Internet, internal combustion engines, transistors, and Hot Pockets. Respect the über-dork.

So, it is with our utmost respect that we hail the clever programming behind the 4Cube's meditative light display. Simply put, this thing is a stoner's nirvana. And for the rest of us, it's simply awesome.

The 4Cube by Hypnocube creates a dazzling array of colors.
The 4Cube by Hypnocube is part lamp, part art, and part meditation aid.

A dazzling array of animated light effects

The heart and soul of the 4Cube rest within its programming. The aforementioned über-dorks designed 51 visualizations (think animated sequence). Each visualization, however, is simply a framework to which speed, color, and symmetry randomizations are applied.

This ensures that the 4Cube is always morphing from one hypnotic spectacle to the next.

The Hypnocube 4Cube features over 51 unique visualizations.
The 4Cube's programming ensures an ever-changing light spectacle.

Patterns will never repeat

After a brief startup sequence, the 4Cube's randomization kicks in to high gear.

Generally speaking, the 4Cube selects one of its 51 visualizations, applies a series of arbitrary affine transformations and symmetry changes, calculates and applies random color values, and randomizes and smooths that visualizations' speed changes. The process automatically repeats until you shut it off (if ever). This design ensures that no two visualizations look the same.

Basically, we could have turned this thing on at the dawn of the universe, and it still wouldn't have repeated itself yet. That is what makes the 4Cube so awesome.

The 4Cube was carefully designed so that its unique lightshow never repeats.
Randomization (applied gracefully and smoothly) ensures a never-repeating light show.

Each LED is capable of displaying 4,096 colors

Each three-color LED is capable of 16 distinct levels per color channel (16x16x16 = 4,096 distinct colors).

Because each of the three channels is individually programmable (64 LEDs x 3 addressable channels = 192 addressable channels), the über-dorks are able to create some amazing effects. However, none of the effects would look all that awesome if it wasn't for their ability to smoothly move from one color to the next.

Film and TV are typically presented in either 24 or 30 frames per second in order to create the illusion of smooth motion. The 4Cube displays over 6,500 frames per second in order to modify its colors. Über-dang.

Each of the 4Cube's 64 LEDs are capable of producing 4096 unique colors.
Each of the 64 LEDs are capable of displaying 4,096 distinct colors.

Captivating mood lamp

The dazzling array of colors, the perpetual dancing of lights, and the ever-changing sequence of patterns, transformations, and animations make the 4Cube by Hypnocube the perfect office companion or mood lamp.

The 4Cube is a fantastic mood and relaxation lamp.
The 4Cube Light Display turns any cubicle into a Hypno-cubicle. Pun citeh!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How bright is it? Can I use it as the sole source of light in a room?

Answer: It isn't going to illuminate to the same level as a standard lamp. Frankly, however, it does look the coolest when placed in a very dark room.

Question: Can I leave it on all the time?

Answer: You sure can! Even though there are 64 lightbulbs, the 4Cube uses a small amount of power since each light source is a low-consumption LED. Because it uses LEDs which never need replacing, you don't need to worry about any of the 64 bulbs going out.

Question: Can you control the order of the visualizations or the colors displayed?

Answer: No. The 4Cube is a light display which is meant to be admired, not controlled. Simply turn it on and enjoy the show!

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