Jolly Rancher Scented Candles: They smell just like the candy

Jolly Rancher Scented Candles

Jar candles scented just like the delicious hard candy.

Blue Raspberry
This item has been discontinued.
This item has been discontinued.
This item has been discontinued.
Green Apple
This item has been discontinued.
This item has been discontinued.

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Jolly Rancher is one of our all-time favorite candies. Celebrate your love of this delicious sweet with officially licensed Jolly Rancher Scented Candles.

Each 3 oz candle features a 15-20 hour burn time, a cotton (lead-free) wick, and hand-poured mottled wax that produces a speckled texture and a frosted appearance.

Jolly Rancher Candles are made in the USA and are available in five lip-smacking scents: Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Green Apple, and Watermelon.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 3.75" x 2.5" diameter
  • Burn time: 15-20 hours (3 oz jar)
  • Cotton wick (lead-free)
  • Mottled wax for a beautiful frosted look
  • Made in the USA

It's a candle that smells like a Jolly Rancher. Buy now.

Our officially licensed Jolly Rancher candles smell nearly identical to the delicious hard candy. A single whiff will have you fiending for a handful of of the mouthwatering candies.

Officially licensed Jolly Rancher Candles on a table.
Jolly Rancher Candles are scented just like the actual candy and feature a 15-20 hour burn time.

No, seriously, it's like eating a Jolly Rancher with your nose

Because these candles are officially licensed, it means that the parent company was so impressed by the authenticity of the scent that they lent their name to the product. Simply put, Jolly Rancher Candles smell like the real deal.

Jolly Rancher Candles smell exactly like the delicious hard candy.
Jolly Rancher Candles are officially licensed from Jolly Rancher.
This means that they fully endorse the candle's pitch-perfect scent.

Collect all of the classic Jolly Rancher scents

Jolly Rancher candles are available in the five classic and ridiculously sweet-smelling varieties: Grape, Green Apple, Watermelon, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry.

Jolly Rancher Candles are available in five mouth-watering scents.
Jolly Rancher Candles are available in five classic scents:
Grape, Green Apple, Watermelon, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: (In whiney voice) Can I eat them?

Answer: (Rolling eyes) No. They're candles. They're all about the scent. Asking if you can eat a candle is like asking if you can drink a thunderclap. It just doesn't make a lot of sense.

Question: Seriously, how good do they smell?

Answer: They smell as good as the taste of a donut dipped in syrup, covered in sprinkles, and sandwiched between two slices of bread made out of Jelly Bellies. Bottom line: really dang good.

Question: What is the burn time?

Answer: Each 3 oz jar will burn for 15-20 hours.

Question: I can't decide which flavor to purchase. Help!

Answer: The five classic flavors of Jolly Rancher are cherry, blue raspberry, green apple, grape, and watermelon. Personally, I love them all. But, that's your starting point. Whichever flavor of the candy is your favorite is the scented candle you should buy for yourself. Purchase the other four for your friends.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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