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Jumbulaya Word Jumble Board Game (2-4 players)

The rearranging, ever changing, word jumble game!

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Flex your word dexterity with Jumbulaya: The Word Jumble Board Game. Unlike traditional word games where letters can only be added to existing words, Jumbulaya allows you to trade, add, and shuffle letters to create new words.

The Jumbulaya board consists of nine horizontal rows in which you will try to build words of increasing length. All the while, you are in search of a "Jumbulaya" (a word 7-9 tiles in length that is spelled vertically).

Jumbulaya is a 2-4 player game designed for ages 13+.

Features & specs

  • Contents: Game board, four tile trays, 100 letter tiles
  • Contents: 2-minute timer, 36 line markers, tile bag
  • Ages 13+
  • 2-4 players

You don't have to be a spelling wizard to enjoy Jumbulaya!

Jumbulaya is a unique twist on classic word games like Scrabble. Instead of simply adding letters, Jumbulaya expands word-creation possibility by allowing shuffling, adding, and trading of letters.

To commence play, you randomly place 27 tiles down the center three columns of the board. You also randomly grab five letter tiles from the tile bag and put them on your tile tray. Now, the fun begins!

To begin playing Jumbulaya, randomly place 27 tiles down the center of the board.
To begin a game of Jumbulaya, place 27 random tiles down the center of the board.

Create words (horizontally) and claim that line

The Jumbulaya game board features nine horizontal lines. Your goal each turn is to create a new word on one of those nine lines.

If you're successful, you "claim" that line and put one of your colored markers (which correspond to the color of your tile tray) to the left of that line.

The simplest way to create a word is to shuffle the existing letters in the line. Below, we shuffled "RAT" to create "TAR", and claimed the line.

Shuffle the letters to create a new word and claim the line.
Shuffle the existing letters in a row to create a new word and claim the line.

Use letters from your tile tray to create new words

You may use up to two letters from your tile tray to create a new word. Below, we added "S" and "K" to turn "TAR" into "STARK". We then grabbed two more tiles from the tile bag. You must always keep five tiles on your tray.

Please note that any line can be claimed (even if already claimed by an opponent) by creating a new word on that line.

You may add up to two tiles to a line.
Add up to two letters to a line to create a new word.

Swap tiles to claim a line

A great strategy for claiming a line is to replace letters in a word with those from your tray.

In the example below, we replaced the last two letters in "STARK" to create "STAMP". The "R" and "K" are now in our tile tray.

Swap out one or two letters on a line to claim it.
Swap one to two letters from your letter tray to make a new word.

Merge a trade and a shuffle

Swap out two tiles and then shuffle the letters to turn "STAMP" into "MARKS". Now we're getting tricky!

Swap up to two letters and rearrange them to claim a line.
Trade and shuffle letters to claim a line.

Go crazy with the trade-shuffle-add combo

If you combine all three possible "maneuvers", you can perform quite the change to an existing line.

Below, we transformed "MARKS" into "TRACKS" by trading out the "M", adding "C" and "T", and then shuffling. This is the brain-twisting part of the game that makes it fun.

Also, the longer the word, the more points you'll earn for that claimed line when the game ends.

Add letters, exchange letters, and shuffle letters to claim a line.
Use a combination of trading, rearranging, and adding tiles to build new words.

Two-minute timer keeps the game moving

Yes, board games like chess can be mentally challenging. They can also be excruciating when playing against someone who "strategizes" for ten minutes between turns.

In Jumbulaya, a player has only two minutes to complete their turn.

Each player only has two minutes to complete their turn.
The 2-minute turn timer keeps the gameplay moving.

Search for a "Jumbulaya" to end the game

There are several ways to end a game of Jumbulaya, but the most common is to identify a "Jumbulaya".

This is a word that is at least seven tiles long and is formed vertically, in sequential order, from the top of the board to the bottom. You can only use one tile per line, but in the case of a 7-tile or 8-tile word, rows can be skipped.

Below, we formed the word "CURIOUSLY". This is a 9-tile "Jumbulaya" which ends the game. Players then total up their points for each claimed line -- the longer the word, the more points earned. Bonus points are awarded to the genius who spotted the "Jumbulaya".

Find a Jumbulaya to end the game.
Spot a "Jumbulaya" and the game is over.

Form a 10-tile word, taunt your opponents

Creating a ten-tile word in Jumbulaya is like spotting a three-legged cat. It's rare and exhilarating. It's also the equivalent of spotting a "Jumbulaya" in that it automatically ends the game.

Create a 10-letter word and you will instantly win the game.
You can also end the game by creating a 10-letter word.
This is quite difficult. Like a roundhouse kick.

You can also win by claiming all nine lines

If you man-handle your opponents and somehow end up claiming all nine lines, you automatically win the game. You also earn the right to verbally disparage them for at least 15-20 minutes.

You can win the game by claiming all nine lines.
If you are able to claim all nine lines, you automatically win!

Strategic and challenging word game for 2-4 players

Jumbulaya is designed for 2-4 players ages 13 and up.

We love Jumbulaya because every turn can drastically change the complexion of the game. Unlike other word games where you simply build off of words that are fixed to the board, Jumbulaya constantly changes and evolves with each move.

While the tiles you pull from the tile bag are important, they aren't your only source of "help". You must always be looking for trades you can make on the board to build longer words, claim more lines, and seek out a "Jumbulaya".

Jumbulaya box contents.
Jumbulaya is a 2-4 player game for ages 13+.

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*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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