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Kan Jam Flying Disc Game

Simple and fun outdoor game.

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Classic lawn games (such as horseshoes, lawn darts, corn hole, and washers) are great games because they’re simple enough for anyone to play (even with one hand holding a beverage) but challenging enough to be fun.

Please welcome Kan Jam to this exclusive party! It's the super-fun game that combines the skill of tossing a flying disc with some of the rules of washers.

Each team of two players takes turns throwing the included flying disc at the plastic can. Striking the can with an assist from your teammate (harder than it sounds!) gives you one point. A solo strike to the can’s outside wall awards you two points. And gliding the disc directly into the slot on the front results in an instant win!

Anyway you score it, you’re going to have a good time playing Kan Jam!

Features & specs

  • 4-player lawn game
  • Includes two collapsible plastic can goals and a flying disc
  • Approx. can size (set up): 25” height x 18” diameter (63.5 cm x 45.75 cm)
  • Disc weight: 168 g (5.9 oz)
  • Made in USA

A new classic lawn game

Kan Jam is easy to set up and doesn’t require much playing space, making it an ideal lawn game. Hitting a target with a disc isn’t always easy but Kan Jam allows you to use teamwork to help navigate the challenge.

This game is played with two teams of two people each. Your teammate stands on the opposite side of the field, so that they’re next to the goal you're throwing at. That means your teammate can help out if your throw isn’t perfect by deflecting the disc into or against the can.

Kan Jam is quick to setup, easy to learn
Kan you jam?

Interactive but not overactive

Anyone can play Kan Jam but there’s enough ways to score to reward those who want to master it. Plus, the game can be won at any time with a single majestic throw through the slot. So even if your team is behind, you always have a chance to win!

Kan Jam is more active than many lawn games but still laid-back enough to play with a cool drink in hand. Bring it to your next outdoor gathering and don’t be surprised when a full Kan Jam tournament forms.

Teamwork is key.

Scoring options

The clever game designers behind Kan Jam devised a scoring system that caters to all skill levels.

If your throw hits the goal, your team gets two points. If your throw is off target, your teammate can deflect the disc into the side of the goal for one point. Your teammate can also slam the disc into the top of the goal (note: this is very satisfying) for three points. It’s like an alley-oop but much easier to accomplish. 

What makes the game uniquely exciting is the Instant Win slot in the front of the goal. If you throw the disc into this slot, your team automatically wins the game! Being able to throw an epic, game-winning hail mary at any time makes this game certifiably awesome.

Multiple ways to score
Instant win, instant fun.

Portable play

Each plastic goal is lightweight and held together with a slot and tab design, which makes it easy to pack up and reassemble when it’s game time.

Once the tabs are unhooked, the cans lay down flat so they are easy to stow into storage or your car. You can take the game with you to barbeques, camping trips, and beach parties!

Easy storage
Fun to play, home or away.

Question: How much space do you need for Kan Jam?

Answer: The rules suggest that you set up the goals 50 feet apart. As with any lawn game, you can easily modify this to accommodate your space.

Question: Is it hard to play?

Answer: Throwing the disc into the slot is difficult but as long as you can get the disc near the goal, your teammate can help you score points.

Question: Is this good for kids?

Answer: The recommended age for Kan Jam is 12+.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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