Konexi: The Gravity-Defying Word Game (Premium Edition)
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Konexi Word Game (Premium Edition)

The gravity-defying word game.

Konexi Word Game
Konexi Word Game image
Konexi Word Game image
Konexi Word Game image
Konexi Word Game image
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If Scrabble and Jenga got together and had a bit too much to drink, Konexi might be their "gift" nine months later.

Konexi is played by taking turns adding notched letters to a teetering tower of words. The longer the word you spell, the more points you are awarded. But be careful, the next letter you place could topple the entire tower.

Contents include 26 sculpted letters, score pad, pencil, mover token, zippered storage bag, and Konexi die. Designed for 2-6 players, ages 10+.

Features & specs

  • Ages: 10+
  • Players: 2-6
  • Includes: 26 notched letters (approx 2" x 2" x 0.75" each)
  • Includes: storage bag, score pad, pencil, mover token, and Konexi die

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Create a teetering tower of words

The objective of Konexi is to be the first player to 20 points. You earn points when you add a letter to the tower and form a word. The word must contain the letter added. Additionally, all of the letters in the word must be connected to each other.

You also mustn't knock over the tower. Doing so will subtract three points from your score. Oh, and you can only use one hand when placing a letter onto the tower. Now we're talking!

Konexi Word Game playing.
Add letters to the tower to form new words and score points.

Use notches to connect letters, balance the tower

Konexi includes 26 letters (the full alphabet). Each one features several notches to create a multitude of ways to connect them to each other.

The base of the tower is a single letter and all additional characters must be connected via their notches. You cannot simply rest letters on top of one another. As you can imagine, keeping the tower balanced becomes increasingly difficult.

To start a Konexi tower, only one letter may touch the base. Letters must always notch together.
All letters must be connected via their notches beginning with a single base character.

Build words, but don't knock over the tower!

At the beginning of a round, all letters are arranged in a circle on your table. When it's your turn, roll the Konexi die and move the token clockwise around the circle, between the letters, for the number of spaces rolled. Select one letter from either side of the token.

Next, find an appropriate location on the tower to add your letter. To score points, the word you form must include the new letter and all of the letters in the word must connect to each other.

Even if you cannot form a word, you must add the letter to the tower. While no points will be earned, it's better than knocking over the tower and losing three points.

In the picture below, the words "Deck" and "Wicked" would have resulted in points (when the "K" and "I" were added, respectively). "Dice" would not be valid when either the "I" or "C" were added to the tower because the letters aren't connected.

To form words, all of the letters must be touching.
To form words, all of the letters must be connected to each other.

Box contents

The Konexi box includes: the game rules manual, score pad, pencil, mover token, die, 26 notched letters, and a zippered storage bag.

Konexi Game Box Contents.
The Konexi box includes the rules manual, score pad & pencil, mover token, die, 26 notched letters, and storage bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there only one of every letter in the alphabet?

Answer: Yes, there is a total of 26 letters. You'll really never find a need for having more as the towers can become quite precarious with 15 or more letters. It's expected that multiple towers will need to be built to reach a game-winning total of 20 points.

Question: What restrictions are there on words?

Answer: The game rules stipulate that any English word (excluding proper names and foreign words) can be used. So, dominate your opponents with your knowledge of obscure three-letter words ("Suq", "Pyx", and "Urp") as well as words containing a Q without a U immediately after ("Qintars", "Sheqalim", "and "Umiaq").

Question: Can I use a letter more than once in a word?

Answer: No.

Question: What constitutes a tower collapse?

Answer: A penalty of three points is assessed if the tower collapses, any letter falls off the tower, or more than one letter touches the table. Remember, the base of the tower is only one letter.

Question: Isn't this kind of a nerdy game?

Answer: If knowing how to spell is nerdy, then I don't want to be kewl.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

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