Magneto Cube: A magnetic interlocking puzzle.
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Magneto Cube

A magnetic interlocking puzzle.

Magneto Cube
7 Magnetic Shapes… endless options!
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Magnetic Fidget Cube is Super Satisfying
Break This Magneto Cube For $$$$
  • Magneto Cube
  • 7 Magnetic Shapes… endless options!
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  • Video: Magnetic Fidget Cube is Super Satisfying
  • Video: Break This Magneto Cube For $$$$
Magneto Cube - Translucent
This item has been discontinued.
Magneto Cube - Solid
This item has been discontinued.


The Magneto Cube is a fascinating fidget toy that will delight children and adults alike. Like a real-life 3D version of Tetris, the Magneto Cube's structure is composed of smaller geometric shapes with varying protrusions that fit together to create craggy nubs and crevices or smooth sided surfaces.

Each of the seven pieces is made of a number of bonded cubes, giving them a measured geometry that allows the pieces to fit together in a myriad of different ways. Every outward facing surface of the sub-cubes contains a super strong rare earth magnet that allows any two pieces to come together with a satisfying SNAP!

The creativity of intentional play and the satisfying sensation of endless recombination of the shapes make the Magneto Cube a handy fidget that belongs both in the hands of a young learner and on an office desk.

Features & specs

  • A set of geometric shapes that form a cube
  • Each individual piece contains free-floating neodymium magnets to snap the pieces together
  • Seven different pieces
  • Dimensions (as a cube): 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" (5.7 cm x 5.7 cm x 5.7 cm)
  • Net Wt.: 4.06 oz (115.3 g)
  • Ages 3+

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Neato magnetic toy

What makes the Magneto Cube so fun to play with? Each vertex of the individual pieces has a magnet which can snap onto other pieces to form a strong bond.

Not only does it sound and feel oh-so-satisfying every time you click two shapes together, these multi-magnet attachments create secure connections between the shapes that make them a different kind of building experience. Whether you're a child or child-at-heart, you'll instantly bond with these self-bonding break-apart blocks.

Aw snap

The Magneto Cube breaks down into seven different pieces. You might think you're looking at real-life Tetris pieces when you encounter the L, the Z, and the T, but then you'll find other pieces that go backwards (or forwards) in space as well as up and down and left and right. That's when you know you've got your hands on a whole new dimension of geometric plaything.

Of course, the pieces slot together to form a perfectly uniform three-dimensional square, but they also fit together in a myriad of other ways. Grab a Cube, crack your knuckles, and get cracking on combining the pieces together in fun and new ways—each time accompanied by a satisfying SNAP!

7 Magnetic Shapes, Endless Options
7 Magnetic Shapes… endless options!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Just how satisfying is that magnetic snap?

Answer: So satisfying! You have to try it!

Question: Can you play Tetris with them?

Answer: Since Magneto Cube is three-dimensional and Tetris is a 2D game, you can't exactly play the game, but you can find interesting ways to fit all of the shapes together.

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