Moon Spinner: A brainteaser puzzle with a captive-piece twist.
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Moon Spinner Puzzle

A brainteaser puzzle with a captive-piece twist.

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The Moon Spinner is a five-lobed geometric puzzle that will have you thinking in circles as you scramble the puzzle and rotate the pieces back to their original positions.

The catch is that while you can spin a set of pieces when they form a circle, you can't remove any of them from the rim. Think of it as a combination of a classic sliding tile puzzle mixed up with a Rubik's cube.

Working this flat, rotating puzzle is sure to twist your brain up, so be careful… you might just go looney trying to solve it!

Features & specs

  • A moon-themed brain teaser
  • Rotate the scrambled circles to match the six colors
  • 1 Player
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Approx. dimensions: 6" x 1/4" (15.24 cm x 0.61 cm)
This puzzle toy is impossible to put down | Let's Play with the Moon Spinner!

Mesmerizing moon marvel

The Moon Spinner Puzzle is a brain-teaser and a hand-pleaser all in one. Part fidget, part puzzle, the lobed hoop holds a set of shapes that spin within. The overlapping circles include a crescent moon and various other shapes, all in different colors. Spin the different inner circles to mix it up. Then see if you can get all of the like-colored pieces to the right area again.

You'll go looney for this thing.

A captivating colorful crescent

Whether you're rotating the pieces to solve the puzzle or just keeping your hands busy, you're sure to have a stellar time playing with the Moon Spinner.

Spin to solve… Or just spin. It

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can't I just pop the pieces out and put them the way they go?

Answer: Sure, but aside from possibly damaging the Moon Spinner, there's not much satisfaction in cheating yourself out of solving it.

Question: How hard could it be?

Answer: Because of its colorful appearance and flat shape, you might underestimate how tricky the Moon Spinner is to solve. But rest assured, even as you're working it out, you'll enjoy spinning the inner pieces the whole time!

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