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Multi-Blade Sharpener

Versatile sharpener for scissors, knives, and more.

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Stay sharp in the kitchen and beyond with the easy and efficient Multi-Blade Sharpener.

This multi-purpose tool can sharpen everything from nail clippers to chainsaws thanks to an innovative design.

Unlike a general knife sharpener, the Multi-Blade Sharpener’s self-adjusting blades adapt to the correct angle for your particular knife. This specified fit ensures the sharpest edge and best treatment of your blades.

The four carbide tungsten sharpening blades are marked for their various uses, including a small removable blade for hard-to-reach edges.

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Features & specs

  • Multi-use sharpener with self-adjusting blades
  • Material: carbide tungsten and plastic
  • Sharpens scissors, knives, and large blades
  • Works with chainsaws, hatchets, lawnmower blades, and more
  • Includes removable sharpening blade
  • Removes burrs from tools
  • Approx. dimensions: 7.25” x 3.75” (18.42 cm x 9.53 cm)
  • Not for use with ceramic knives
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Stay sharp

Don't waste your time (or endanger your fingers) working with dull instruments, and don't squander your money replacing old blades. Use the Multi-Blade Sharpener to efficiently sharpen your edged instruments so you can quickly and safely finish the job.

This clever sharpener uses a self-adjusting system to conform to your edge. Unlike a fixed sharpener, the scissors and knife sharpening plates are kept loose; pressing them against your tool will cause them to shift to adapt to your blade. This lets you sharpen at the best angle for every blade in your collection.

Make sure your tools make the cut.

A bevy of blades

The versatile blades in your collection deserve attention from an equally versatile sharpener. The Multi-Blade Sharpener has four distinct sections that combine to perform a wide range of blade maintenance. In addition to the knife and scissors sharpeners, the Multi-Blade Sharpener has a fixed sharpener for removing blade burrs and another, removable, sharpener for small blades.

These sharpening blades are made from carbide tungsten, a durable compound with twice the density of steel. All these functions are contained in one compact, hand-held sharpener.

One tool, many uses! Sharpen scissors.Hone any knife edge.De-Burr toolsRemovable micro-sharpener
Five blades, four sections, one sharpener.

No blade too small

Blades in your house come in all shapes and sizes, including some that are too small for most knife sharpeners. The Multi-Blade Sharpener has a removable sharpener for the small and/or hard-to-access blades. Use it to keep your potato peeler peelin’, your nail clippers clippin’, and your cheese grater gratin’.

Whatever you use it for, the Multi-Blade Sharpener will keep your tools cutting better and lasting longer.

Removable micro sharpener
Includes a removable blade for added versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use it to sharpen serrated knives?

Answer: Yes! The plates on the Multi-Blade Sharpener are designed to adjust to the contours of a serrated edge.

Question: How do I sharpen a knife with it?

Answer: Hold the knife against a surface with the blade facing up, and run the sharpener from the handle to the tip. Depending on the sharpness of your blade, it may require several passes.

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