OpenIt! Open sealed plastic packaging fast with the 5-in-1 tool.
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OpenIt! Plastic Package Opener

Open tough blister packs in no time with the OpenIt!

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Opening those sealed plastic packages is no longer a pain-in-the-arse with the OpenIt! This universal package opener features a set of incredibly sharp blades that will cut through the toughest plastic packaging like a hot knife through butter. Its recessed design protects your hand from plastic "shards" as you cut.

The OpenIt! Package Opener can also slice open CDs, DVDs, and boxes with its retractable utility knife. Open battery compartments with the concealed double-sided screwdriver. You can even crack open a cold beer with the bottle opener. Basically, if it needs to be opened, grab the OpenIt!

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Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 8" x 2" x 1"
  • Easily cuts the toughest "blister" packaging
  • Includes double-sided screwdriver for opening battery compartments
  • Retractable box knife for opening CDs, DVDs, and boxes
  • Cuts zip and twist ties
  • Also a bottle opener

Safely and easily open the toughest plastic packaging

Blister packs are the bane of today's shoppers. These vacuum-sealed plastic packages are nearly impossible to open with anything other than a chainsaw. Unless, of course, you have the OpenIt! Plastic Package Opener. This multi-tool was designed specifically to make opening "blister" packs as easy as using a pair of scissors with paper.

The OpenIt! looks like a pair of gardening shears but with some specific designs for opening tough plastic packages:

  • First, its sharp, heavy-duty shears easily slice through the toughest plastic.
  • Second, the handle is recessed from the blades to protect your hand from shards of plastic.

Use the OpenIt! universal package opener to open blister packaging, clamshell packaging, boxes, CDs, DVDs, and more!
Easily open tough plastic packaging (like that protecting our awesome iPod Building Block Speakers)
with the OpenIt! Plastic Package Opener.

The secret is the offset jaws!

The reason the OpenIt! is so great at opening plastic packaging is because of its patented offset jaw. The sharp, tough blades help, too, of course!

By creating space between the handle and the blades, the OpenIt! makes it easier to cut along the edges of those annoying plastic packages without your hands being attacked by razor-like slivers of plastic.

The patented offset jaws increase safety and easy of cutting.
The patented offset jaws of the OpenIt! make it safer and easier to cut plastic packaging.

The OpenIt! opens more than just plastic

The OpenIt! cleverly incorporates additional tools for opening more than just those annoying blister packs. Remove the safety caps on the ends of the handles to reveal a utility knife and a double-sided screwdriver that features both a flathead and a Phillips head bit.

Use the utility knife to open CDs, DVDs, or boxes. Use the screwdrivers for, well, unscrewing things (like battery compartments on toys).

Lastly, the 90-degree bend in the recessed blades has been engineered as a bottle opener. Yesss.

OpenIt! Plastic Package Opener easily opens the toughest blister packs and also includes a bottle opener, screwdriver, and box knife.
Not only is the OpenIt! a champion for opening tough plastic packaging,
but it also features a utility knife, two screwdrivers, and a bottle opener.

Slice and snip other types of packaging

The retractable box knife (hidden inside the handle of the OpenIt! Package Opener) is perfect for slicing through those annoying stickers on DVDs. It's also perfect for opening boxes (like the one from housing your newly purchased OpenIt! -- wink, wink).

The blades on the OpenIt! universal package opener can also be used to snip cable and twist ties.

The OpenIt! Plastic Package Opener features a box knife for opening CDs, DVDs, and boxes. It also easily cuts through zip and cable ties.
Slice open boxes, CDs, and DVDs with the retractable utility knife. Snip cable and twist ties with the sharp blades.

Includes a handy set of screwdrivers for changing batteries

Remove the bottom of the handle to reveal a double-sided screwdriver perfect for opening battery compartments on toys. With just this one tool, you can slice open a toy's blister packaging, snip off the cable ties holding it down, and install its batteries. Nice!

Remove the cap on the handle of the OpenIt! Plastic Package Opener to reveal a double-sided screwdriver for opening battery compartments.
The OpenIt! includes a Phillips and flat head screwdriver for conveniently opening the battery compartment
on the toy you've just freed from its nuclear-bomb-proof plastic packaging.

It'll even open your beers!

The recessed handle of the OpenIt! necessitates a 90-degree bend in the metal shears. The designers of this multi-tool realized that this created a wonderful bottle-opening opportunity. So, cut open that blister pack and then crack open a cold one with the OpenIt!

The OpenIt! is also a bottle opener.
Flip over the OpenIt! and you've got yourself a bottle opener.

Stores easily

The OpenIt! Plastic Package Opener is about the size of a pair of scissors. The open-close clasp on the handles keeps the blades of the shears safely closed when stowed away in your toolbox or junk drawer.

The closure clasp on the OpenIt! Plastic Package Opener reduces its size for easy and safe storage.
Use the closure clasp on the OpenIt! for safe storage.

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Note: The product details shown on Vat19 (including price) may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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