Park 'n Place Garage Parking Accessory

Park 'N Place Garage Parking Aid

Park your car perfectly every time.

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The Park 'n Place is a handy garage accessory that prevents damage to your car from parking mishaps.

We've all pulled our vehicles in too far and knocked stuff over or scraped a door. With the Park 'n Place, a red "stop" sign illuminates and flashes when bumped signaling that you're perfectly parked.

Thanks to its tall, flexible pole, the Park 'n Place won't tip over when nudged by your car, truck, or SUV.

The Park 'n Place garage parking aid is a little more sophisticated than hanging a tennis ball from a string and is certainly a lot easier to move around the garage.

Batteries included. Available in standard (46") or high clearance (62").

Features & specs

  • Flexible pole (either 46" or 62" high)
  • Reflective sign with flashing light
  • Easy set-up: simple assembly requires no tools
  • Batteries included
  • 12 month limited warranty
  • Available in two models

Park 'N Place: Garage Parking Aid

Park N Place parking aid is a car parking sensor with lights that flash when bumped.
The Park 'n Place garage parking aid ensures perfect parking every time.

Park 'N Place illuminates when bumped

Park N Place lights flash when bumpedThe Park 'N Place garage parking system includes two bright lights that alternate for a few seconds when the sign is bumped.

Even if you just tap the flexible pole, the Park 'N Place lights will still illuminate briefly. This is just an added visual clue as the reflective sign is very easy to see.

What's great about the Park 'N Place garage parking aid is that it comes with the batteries included and since it only illuminates when it is bumped, the batteries will last a long time.

Flexible pole for the perfect stop

The Park N Place garage parking aid features a flexible pole and base assembly.The flexible pole connects to the base with a spring. This ensures that the flexible pole is well...flexible!

The base station is made of hard plastic and would probably break if you ran over it with your car.

That's the whole reason why the reflector sign lights up from a sudden you'll stop...before running over your Park 'N Place...or your house.


Why the Park 'n Place Garage Parking System is better

  • Super fast setup: Unlike other garage parking aids that require locating an outlet and mounting the system, the Park 'n Place just snaps together in about 30 seconds.
  • Easy to move around: The Park 'n Place is simple to move (unlike mounted systems or the ol' standby - the tennis ball 'n string).
  • Parallel parking aid: If you have two, the Park 'n Place garage parking system can double as a parallel parking aid. Unlike orange cones, you'll actually be able to see the Park 'n Place.
  • Price: The Park 'n Place is much less expensive than many other garage parking systems. It's also less expensive than hitting stuff in your garage... which is a big bonus.
  • No complicated installation: You won't need to drill or attach anything to the ceiling or wall in order to use your Park N Place. This garage parking aid is hassle free!

Available in two sizes

The Park 'n Place is available in two sizes: standard and high clearance. Generally speaking, the high clearance model is designed for larger vehicles such as SUVs and trucks.

Standard: 46" tall pole

High Clearance: 62" tall pole

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