Picture+This: The hilarious picture-word puzzle game

Picture+This Picture-Word Board Game

The hilarious word-puzzle party game.

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Grab some friends and flex your minds with Picture+This, the party word-puzzle game. Your goal is to solve the clue word or phrase pictured on the card. For instance, a picture pointing to the last of six pennies would be code for "The Sixth Sense".

Each of the 144 double-sided cards has pictures representing a clue word or phrase in one of the four categories: people, places, clich├ęs, and entertainment.

You have 45 seconds to solve your puzzle and you can ask your teammate for clues, although this reduces the number of points you can win. So, work quickly, ask for clues judiciously, and don't falter as time dwindles away in Picture+This: The Picture-Word Game. Ages 12+.

Features & specs

  • Ages: 12+
  • Players: 2 teams of 2 or more
  • 288 picture-word puzzles

Endless "doh!" moments await you!

Your goal in Picture+This is to solve your picture-word puzzle before time runs out. This may seem easy until the pressure is on and your opponents are watching.

All of a sudden, you become fixated on the same word... or begin inventing non-sensical ones. Check out the image below. We'll supply your head voice: "Briefcases! Open briefcase! Closed briefcase! Brown briefcase! Brown beefcake. Beefed cases. Beefcake! Cartman! Argh!"

It's going to be a really good time. Trust us.

Click to return to original image. The Picture+This Board Game requires solving picture-words before the timer runs out!
Picture+This requires solving various picture-word puzzles.
See if you can solve the "cliché" above. Click the picture to see the answer.

Four varieties of cards

Each picture-word puzzle represents one of four categories: entertainment, places, clichés, and people. Use this information along with the "grammar" of Picture+This to solve your puzzle.

For instance, spaces between pictures always indicate separate words or names and a plus sign (+) between two images means they are part of one word.

Click to return to original image. There are four categories of cards in Picture+This.
Puzzles fall into four categories: people, entertainment, places, and clichés.

Stumped? Ask your teammate for help!

On each turn, one teammate is the clue giver and the remaining members are the word guessers.

If you find yourself thoroughly stumped, you can ask your clue giver for assistance. The clue giver cannot say any of the words or portions of the words in the answer. However, they can provide clues such as "sounds like", suggest expanding or shrinking a word or phrase, propose reversing the order of words, or indicate that a small word is missing.

Please note that each clue given reduces the total number of points you can win for solving the puzzle. Each turn begins with a total of five points and each clue costs one point.

Each card starts with 5 points. Each clue given deducts one point from your total.
Use your clue giver judiciously as it costs one point per clue given.

There's no medal for 2nd place

Prudent use of your clue giver is instrumental in winning Picture+This. If your opponents are solving each puzzle sans clues, they'll move five spaces per turn.

So, if you want to keep pace or beat them to the finish line, you best elevate your rebus solving (rebus is the fancy term for word puzzles).

The Object of Picture+This is to get the most points in order to advance your token to the finish line first.
Unlike tee ball, it's not how you play the game that matters. All that matters is getting to the finish line first.
Hey, those puzzles aren't going to solve themselves!

You've only got 45 seconds to decode!

You'll be amazed at how fast 45 seconds can pass when trying to solve these puzzles. It's especially demoralizing when your opponents heckle your diminishing time. Some seriously entertaining "answers" tend to be tossed about during the waning seconds of a Picture+This turn.

You only have 45 seconds to solve your word puzzle.
With only 45 seconds to solve each puzzle, you'll need to think quickly.

Enough clues for many a game night

Picture+This includes 36 double-sided cards per category. That works out to 72 clues per each of the four categories for a total of 288 word puzzles.

There are a total of 288 word clues in Picture+This.
Picture+This includes 288 picture-word puzzles.

Obligatory box contents picture below!

Everyone likes to see what comes in the box, right? Of course you do! Picture+This includes two pawns (it's a two-team game), 45-second sand timer, game board, card holder sleeve, and 144 double-sided picture-word cards.

Instructions, which are included, are not pictured.

Box contents of Picture+This Board Game.
Picture+This includes a game board, card holder sleeve, 288 picture word puzzles,
two pawns, and a 45-second sand timer.

It's super fun! Try a few more!

See if you can figure out the puzzles below. Don't forget to time yourself — only 45 seconds each! Your primary clue is the category which is listed at the top of the card.

When you've solved them all or become fed up with trying, simply click the picture below to reveal the answers.

Click to return to original image. There are four categories of cards in Picture+This.
Test your Picture-Word skills above. Click the image to reveal the answers.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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