Samurice Ice Pop Maker: Make your own sword-shaped ice pops.
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Samurice Popsicle Maker

Make your own sword-shaped ice pops.

Samurice Popsicle Maker
Samurice Popsicle Maker image
Samurice Popsicle Maker image
Samurice Popsicle Maker image
  • Samurice Popsicle Maker
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Refresh yourself in the way of the warrior: use the Samurice Popsicle Maker to make ice pops shaped like samurai swords!

Samurice Popsicle Maker makes freezing a sweet treat honorable and easy. Fill the plastic molds with your favorite fruit juice and stick them in the freezer. The included stands keep your creations upright so you don’t have to worry about spilling.

Once the pops have completed their training in the freezer, pull on the handle to unsheathe your homemade frozen treat. The guard at the top of the hilt helps stop drips, so you can keep your kimono clean.

Each Samurice contains two molds, so you can wage delicious battle with a friend (until your swords melt)!

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Features & specs

  • Two ice pop molds shaped like samurai swords
  • Two stands
  • Detailed handle
  • Mold (w/ handle) approx. dimensions: 7.75” (19.68 cm) x 1” (2.54 cm)

Feudal frozen treats

Even the most ardent warrior needs to cool off, and Samurice makes doing so easy and fun.

Simply fill the plastic mold with your favorite beverage, stick in the handle, and freeze upside down on the included stand. Your popsicle will emerge as a sword with a rounded, blade-like tip.

Your refreshing weapon sits atop a detailed handle styled after a wrapped katana grip. The guard at the top of the handle helps stop the popsicle from dripping onto your hand—because you don’t want a sticky grip in the middle of battle.

Unsheath a homemade treat
The way of the warrior leads to the freezer.

Arm yourself… twice!

Bring honor and refreshment to your clan when you use Samurice Popsicle Maker.

The Samurice two-pack includes a pair of molds, handles, and stands. You can share your extra popsicle with a fellow warrior or keep it as a backup in case you find yourself locked in a fierce battle with the sun. Unsheathe your sword and defend yourself against the heat!

Includes two molds
Samurai sweets.

Versatile weaponry

After a long day on the battlefield, cool off with a sword-shaped treat flavored the way you like it.

Use Samurice to experiment with your own popsicle creations. Try making frozen treats out of juice, soda, or even chocolate! You’ll save money while creating fun treats.

Chocolate sword
The fabled chocolate sword of destiny.

Question: Is the end of the popsicle sharp?

Answer: Samurice produces a safe, rounded edge that would be ineffective in combat. Unless you’re combating the summer heat.

Question: Is this reusable?

Answer: Yep! Simply wash out the mold after each use and refill. You may also need to wash the handle so it doesn’t get sticky.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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