Sky Bouncer: Flying disc bounces 25 feet

Sky Bouncer

Flying disc bounces up to 25 feet in the air.

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The Sky Bouncer is a unique outdoor toy that blends the awesomeness of an ultra-bouncy ball with the awesomeness of a flying disc.

Filled with a combination of helium and pressurized air, the Sky Bouncer can bounce up to 25 feet high — even off grass. With a bit of practice, you can predictably control highly acute rebound angles for an amazing bounce-pass variant of Ultimate Frisbee.

Kids and adults will love the Sky Bouncer's versatility. It can be accurately tossed using almost any throwing motion and its ring shape makes it easy to catch.

Note: Because we receive this item in an assortment of colors, we must sell them randomly.

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Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 8.5" diameter x 2" height
  • Filled with helium and pressurized air
  • Toss it, fling it, and bounce it
  • Bounces on grass!
  • Ages 6+
  • Color is chosen at random

Notes on this video

  • Please note that colors of the Sky Bouncer have changed since this awesome video was made. No other properties (other than color) have been altered.

Part disc, part ball, and 100% awesome

The Sky Bouncer is a hybrid — a minotaur, if you will — of a flying disc and a bouncy ball. You can fling it like a frisbee or bounce it like a ball. With a bit of practice, you can literally bounce it around a person thanks to its unique shape.

Two people playing catch with the Sky Bouncer.
The Sky Bouncer can be thrown, flung, and bounced at drastic angles.

A powerful combo of helium and pressurized air

The Sky Bouncer is filled with a mixture of helium and pressurized air. This is the "secret sauce" that makes both of these products so darned bouncy and what makes it possible to accurately and reliably bounce the Sky Bouncer off grass.

The ring shape of the Sky Bouncer also makes it easy to catch.

The helium-filled Sky Bouncer can bounce up to 25 feet in the air.
Create a super-fun variant of Ultimate Frisbee with the Sky Bouncer's ability to bounce off grass.

Available in three colors

The Sky Bouncer is currently available in a variety of colors. We receive them in an assortment, so your order will include one of the colors below chosen at random.

The Sky Bouncer is currently available in a variety of colors.
Make friends (and not jealous frenemies) and buy a Sky Bouncer for yourself and your buddies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does it glide like a frisbee?

Answer: No, it's too heavy to fly or float over long distances. However, you can use the same throwing technique as you would with a flying disc. You can also throw it overhand like a baseball or football.

Question: So, you can play catch by bounce passing it?

Answer: That's definitely another way of doing it (in addition to flinging it like a frisbee). You can even bounce it off grass!

Question: How high will it bounce?

Answer: The Sky Bouncer can bounce about 25 feet high.

Question: So... it's like a ball, but shaped like a disc?

Answer: Sort of, yeah. The ring shape makes it easy to catch and also allows you to throw it like a frisbee or like any type of ball. It also allows you to bounce it using severe but predictable angles. 

Question: What's this sorcery you speak of about throwing around another person?

Answer: The ring shape allows you to control the direction of the first bounce. Whereas a ball always bounces along a straight line, the Sky Bouncer can make an abrupt change of direction if it's tilted when it hits the ground. Check out the product video to see it in action. It's pretty awesome.

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Note: The product details shown on Vat19 (including price) may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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