Soy Lotion Bar: Solid lotion that looks like a bar of soap.
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Soy Lotion Bar

Solid lotion that looks like a bar of soap.

Soy Lotion Bar
Soy Lotion Bar image
Soy Lotion Bar image
  • Soy Lotion Bar
This item has been discontinued.


Treat your skin to some TLC with moisturizing Soy Lotion Bars.

Each Lotion Bar is shaped like a bar of soap, but it’s really a solid brick of soothing soy-based lotion. As you rub the bar on your skin, body heat and friction melt just the surface in contact with your skin to dispense a perfect amount of creamy lotion.

The unique form factor is easy to dispense with no mess and can be stored uncovered without ever drying out. Made by hand in the USA.

Features & specs

  • Lotion in bar form
  • Made from 100% soybean oil
  • Fragrance-free
  • Weight: 3.6 oz (100g)
  • Hand made in the USA

Rub on lotion

Indulge your skin and protect it from dryness with a bar of solid lotion made with Soy. With a molded hand grip, the Soy Lotion Bar allows you to rub itchiness and dryness away, mess free.

As you rub the bar on your skin, your body’s heat melts the outer layer of the bar, which your skin instantly absorbs to become smoother and softer.

Soothes hands with no mess
Soothes and smoothes.

Dependably solid

The solid Soy Lotion Bar will consistently hydrate your skin from the first time you use it to the last. Made in America from a soy base, the Lotion Bar will never dry out but will always keep you from feeling dry and cracked. Magnificent!

Made in the USA Soy Lotion Bars never dry out
Revitalizes dry skin and never dries out.

Question: Can you wash your hands with it?

Answer: While it shares a form factor with bar soap, the Soy Lotion Bar is not soap, so it won’t clean your hands. It will make them soft and supple, though.

Question: What does it feel like?

Answer: The Lotion Bar has a density and feel similar to solid deodorant. As you rub it on your skin, a very thin layer will melt off the bar and instantly be absorbed by your epidermis, leaving you feeling moisturized and the bar as solid as ever.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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