Space Invaders Micro Arcade: A tiny handheld version of the classic video game.
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Space Invaders Micro Arcade (Really Works!)

A tiny handheld console version of the classic video game.

Space Invaders Micro Arcade
The micro arcade console features sound, a power switch, and a micro USB port.
Space Invaders Micro Arcade DEMO
  • Space Invaders Micro Arcade
  • The micro arcade console features sound, a power switch, and a micro USB port.
  • Video: Space Invaders Micro Arcade DEMO
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In 1978, Space Invaders took the world by storm and revolutionized interactive entertainment by bringing a whole new genre to gaming. This sci-fi shoot-'em-up features alien hordes assaulting the Earth in a very systematic descent as you use your laser cannon to blast them into oblivion.

Mind you, this was an arcade game, as in, arcade cabinet—a literal piece of furniture. But luckily, technology has progressed to the point where you can carry the whole invasion in your pocket in the form of the Space Invaders Micro Arcade! With the same area as a credit card and just a hair over a quarter inch thick, the full-color screen and sound make the experience just as big as ever while making the original esport perfectly portable.

Features & specs

  • A portable, playable version of the video game Space Invaders
  • Features full-color screen and sound
  • Integrated directional control buttons, sound switch, and power switch
  • Dimensions: 3.35" x 0.28" x 2.09" (8.5 cm x 0.7 cm x 7.4 cm)
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Includes micro USB to USB-A charging cable

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