Spirograph Animator: Spin your spirographs to make them come to life!
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Spirograph Animator

Spin your spirographs to make them come to life!

Spirograph Animator
Closeup of Spirograph Animator Buttons
Make a multitude of drawings in motion!
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  • Spirograph Animator
  • Make a classic Spirograph design!
  • Bring your design to life!
  • Closeup of Spirograph Animator Buttons
  • Make a multitude of drawings in motion!
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Make art that moves with the Spirograph Animator. As with a classic Spirograph, you use pens in the slots of various gears to make looping curves in beautiful geometric patterns.

The Spirograph Animator takes your geometric doodles into high gear thanks to a base that smoothly spins, rotating your doodles at high speeds. A pair of strobing lamps above transform your works from a blur to a mesmerizing movement of line and color.

Each design that you make moves in a different way, so it's a good thing the set includes six differently sized wheels, five colors of fine-line pens, and plenty of sheets to get you creating in no time. So get doodling, dim the lights, and make your creative output move!

Features & specs

  • A spirograph set with a strobe light that makes your spirograph designs animate
  • Make a spirograph, put it on the animator, give it a spin, and bring it to life
  • Includes: Animator, 6 wheels, 5 pens, and 100-sheet paper pad
  • Paper dimensions: 3" x 3" (7.6 cm x 7.6 cm)
  • Animator dimensions (approx.): 5 3/4" diameter x 3 1/4" (14.6 cm x 8.2 cm)
  • Requires 3x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Warning: contains flashing lights. May not be safe for some people with epilepsy

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Swirling spirals

Beginning with the Spirograph Animator starts out just like with the classic Spirograph. Set in a sheet of paper and set the stator in place to pin your sheet down. Then choose one of the included gears, select a hole and a pen color, and get swirling. Even the shakiest of hands can create picture-perfect engaging art!

Make a classic Spirograph design!

Awesome Animations

Once you've created your Spirograph illustration, it's time to get your line art moving. Simply give the cradle a nudge to get your Spirograph spinning. Flashing strobes will automatically sync with your rotating drawing to make it appear to move. While it sure looks like your line art is about to leap off the page, don't worry… it's just an awesome optical illusion.

Bring your design to life!

Powered pictures

The Spirograph Animator takes your line art to the next level with dynamic movement. To achieve the amazing effect, the base includes battery-powered strobe lights. One button on the base turns them on, while another will hold the strobe rate constant to sustain the illusion you're seeing for a bit longer.

Closeup of Spirograph Animator Buttons
Beep boop… you're an artist!

Hundreds of hand-crafted hypotrochoids

Bet you didn't know that the mathematical term for a Spirograph design is a hypotrochoid. Whether you're a math definer or a mass doodler, you're sure to find hours of amusement making different designs. Like swirly snowflakes that don't melt, thanks to the different gears, colors, and starting points, no two Spirographs are alike.

Endless designs
Make a multitude of drawings in motion!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will the flashing strobes cause seizures?

Answer: We don't have any indication that the strobe lights will cause problems, but if that is a concern for you, we'd encourage you to find a different artistic outlet.

Question: Can I set the speed that it spins?

Answer: The Spirograph Animator spins at the rate that you throw it (and, of course, friction inevitably slows it down). The strobes automatically sync to the rate of spin to find a stimulating animation.

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