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Double Wall Stainless Steel Beer Mug

Keep your beer frosty with this 15 oz insulated mug.

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Keep your beer cold and frosty with the Stainless Steel Beer Mug. The vacuum-sealed, double-walled vessel keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot. A large handle, 15 oz capacity, and an attractive brushed exterior make the Stainless Steel Beer Mug your perfect beer delivery device.

Dishwasher safe.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 5" tall x 3" deep x 3" wide (excluding handle)
  • Brushed stainless exterior, polished interior
  • 15 oz capacity
  • Large, comfortable handle
  • Dishwasher safe

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Be the King of the Castle with the Stainless Steel Beer Mug

Enjoying a chilled brew from the large, tough, and sturdy Stainless Steel Beer Mug will make you feel like the King of your humble abode.

Be the King of the Castle with your Stainless Steel Beer Mug
Enjoy a nice, cold beer with the Stainless Steel Beer Mug.

Keeps cold beverages cold without condensation

The vacuum-sealed walls of the Stainless Steel Beer Mug ensure that your cold beverages stay cold and your hot beverages stay hot.

The outer wall of the mug will always remain at room temperature and you'll never have condensation. The insulated Stainless Steel Beer Mug prevents those annoying water droplets.

Stainless Steel Beer Mug keeps cold beverages cold without condensation.
The Stainless Steel Beer Mug features a large handle, double-walled exterior, and a 15 oz capacity.

Perfect gift for all styles of beer drinkers

Whether your favorite beer connoisseur loves a frosty Milwaukee's Best or the latest Peruvian microbrew, we're certain of one thing: they'll thank you for getting them the Stainless Steel Beer Mug.

The 15 oz capacity easily holds your standard 12 oz serving and the sturdy mug with brushed exterior looks great in all settings.

All types of beer drinkers will love the Stainless Steel Beer Mug

Large capacity increases sloshability

The Stainless Steel Beer Mug has a capacity of 15 ounces. Because standard beer cans and bottles only hold twelve ounces, you get an extra 3 ounces of "slosh space" with the Stainless Steel Beer Mug.

This means you can talk with your hands, toast against a brick wall, and stumble ferociously without fear of spilling your beer.

The 15 oz capacity of the stainless steel beer mug increases sloshability.
The 15 ounce capacity of the Stainless Steel Beer Mug ensures maximum sloshability.

Of course we ran an experiment. Here are the results:

There's no point in purchasing a double-walled, vacuum-sealed stainless steel beer mug if it doesn't keep your barley pop cool. So, we put it to the test, and the mug performed excellently.

At room temperature (75°F), we poured a refrigerated beer into the Stainless Steel Beer Mug. We set it on a table next to an unopened refrigerated beer can.

We measured the temperature of the beer inside the mug, the temperature of the outer wall of the mug, and the temperature of the unopened beer.

Time (Min)Mug Liquid (°F)Mug Wall (°F)Unopened Beer (°F)


  • The outside wall of the Stainless Steel Beer Mug stayed constant at room temperature and no condensation formed.
  • The liquid inside the mug hardly changed temperature over the course of 30 minutes.
  • As expected, the unopened beer steadily raised in temperature, became sweaty, and longingly wished it could join the party inside the Stainless Steel Beer Mug.

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