The Chameleon: Can you figure out which player is bluffing?
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The Chameleon Party Game

Can you figure out which player is bluffing?

The Chameleon Game
Keep it vague, but not too vague...
Fully stocked and ready for foolin' your friends!
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Blend in, or get caught!
  • The Chameleon
  • Keep it vague, but not too vague...
  • Fully stocked and ready for foolin' your friends!
  • Watch video for: The Chameleon
  • Video: Blend in, or get caught!
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The Chameleon is a clever game of deduction where your goal is to determine which of your fellow players is a no-good liar… unless you are the no-good liar, in which case your goal is to trick your friends!

At the beginning of each round, one player is secretly designated as the Chameleon while the other players are all told a secret word from a bank of possible answers. As the players take turns carefully describing the secret word, the Chameleon has to blend in and act as if they are in the know, all while desperately trying to puzzle out the secret based on the available context clues.

If the chameleon can successfully bluff the other players and survive the ensuing accusation round, they win the game and are crowned king chameleon.

Features & specs

  • Party game revolving around knowing (or pretending to know) a secret word
  • Can you figure out which player is the secret chameleon?
  • Includes 40 topic cards, 14 code cards, 2 Chameleon cards, a six-sided die, an eight-sided die, a marker, a custom dry erase card, a clear sticker, and an instruction sheet
  • Ages 14+
  • 3-8 players
  • Approx. game time: 15 mins

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Fake it until you make it

In this game of deception, the goal (as the chameleon) is to convince the other players that you know the secret word of the round by listening carefully to their word clues.

Saying something specific might help you blend in, but if you guess wrong, then you’ll be exposing yourself for sure. On the other hand, being too vague might tip your teammates off that you're the not-so-clever chameleon.

If you’re one of the honest players, your job is to examine each of the players’ words and actions very carefully. Stay suspicious, and you might just catch that scoundrel chameleon!

Blend in, or get caught!

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